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Quick DIY Halloween Candy Holders For Kids

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These quick DIY Halloween Candy Holders for kids will make your spooky party planning a snap! Only add a handle, some eyes, or a creepy creature, and you are ready to go. The great thing is that these snack cups and tin pails come in so many colors; the possibilities for your party decor are endless. Added to that is the option of using any creature or Halloween-inspired image you desire, and you have a scary number of possibilities for your party favor holders.

DIY Halloween Candy Holders Tutorial:

 DIY Halloween Candy Holders Supplies:

Snack Cups in the color of your choice
Tin Pail Wedding Favor (available in 3ct pack at Dollar Tree)
Halloween Creature Cutouts
Self-Adhesive Googly Eyes
Colored Cardstock 1-inch x 12 inches long
5 1/2″ Natural Slim Craft Sticks

How To Make DIY Halloween Candy Holders:

Option 1: DIY Halloween Candy Holders (w/Handle)

Cut a 1-inch wide strip of colored cardstock. Staple the handle to each side of the cup just below the rim. Attach your self-adhesive googly eyes to the Halloween cutout. Stick your Halloween embellishment to the front of the snack cup with glue. Fill up with treats.

Option 2: DIY Halloween Candy Holders (w/Sitting Creature)

Stick your googly eyes to your Spooky cutout. Glue the image to the inside of the cup to look like it is resting on the edge of the snack cup. Allow drying completely. Fill with sweet surprises.

Option 3: DIY Halloween Candy Holders (w/Creature on Wood Stake)

Attach your self-adhesive googly eyes to your creature. Glue your bat to a 5 1/2″ Natural Slim Craft Stick. Allow drying completely. Fill your snack cup with goodies and insert the stake.

Option 4:  DIY Halloween Candy Holders (w/Mummy Bucket)

And last of all, the easiest of them all, the Mummy Bucket. Attach your self-adhesive googly eyes to the Tin Pail Wedding Favor. Fill with candy.

You now have everything you need to showcase the most fabulous Halloween party favors ever. Your guests, young and old, will adore your creations.

Happy Halloween!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.