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Easter Door Decoration Ideas DIY Spring 2023

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I am so excited to share these Easter door decoration ideas with you! I love this time of year, and I love decorating for Easter.

diy wreath made of colorful pastel easter eggs with a pink polka dot bow hanging on a door.

My mom made this Easter Egg Wreath for her front door a few years ago, and people went crazy. It is one of the simplest crafts we’ve ever featured and is affordable! You only need plastic eggs, a wreath form, a bow, and a hot glue gun!

Crafting together is a great way to bond with your kids or enjoy a day out with the girls. Every year a week or two before Easter, you should get all of your friends and their kids together and host a crafting party! You can thank me later.

Easter Door Decoration Ideas:

Below you will find some of the cutest freaking Easter decorations for your front door you have ever seen!

Beautiful DIY Wreaths:

Easter is the season of new beginnings, so you can expect to see colorful eggs, beautiful blooms, carrots, crosses, and LOTS of pastels!

The Bunny Wreath:

Five bunny wreath craft projects from different blogs.

Can you think of Easter without the Easter Bunny? I know I can’t! These adorable cottontail wreaths are usually found on the doors of families with small children and grandkid-obsessed grandparents, and we are here for it! From cute little bunny ears to fluffy bunny tails, the cuteness is too much!

  1. Light-Up Bunny Gnome Wreath– This wreath has a little of everything! Little gnomes with bunny hats, spring flowers, lights, and eggs!
  2. DIY Bunny Butt Wreath – You read that right! Lol, a bunny butt makes for some humorous easter décor! My favorite thing about this door decor is how simple it is. This wreath makes a big statement using a grapevine wreath, fake fur, stuffing, a white pom pom or pink pom pom, twine, spring greenery, and some adorable fake carrots!
  3. DIY Easter Bunny Carrot Wreath – If I read this right, creating this wreath would cost you less than ten dollars because this blogger purchased everything at Dollar Tree! Not only is this project affordable, but it is also super cute!
  4. Wooden Bunny Wreath: This wreath was made by a blogger in Texas. She used a skill saw to cut out her bunny, but I’m sure you could find a similar bunny at a local decor shop (maybe even the dollar store). I love the rustic country look of this wreath. A bunny, speckled eggs, carrots, and some Spanish moss, and wow!
  5. Rainbow Bunny Peeps Wreath: Holy Peeps, Batman! I had NO idea I was going to stumble upon the “sweetest” wreath I’ve ever seen in my life. First, this colorful wreath looks so aesthetic it hurts my teeth. Ideas like this one are brilliant. If you can’t tell, I am obsessed with this marshmallow easter bunny decor!

The Spring Wreath:

Five spring wreath craft projects from different blogs.

I’ll be honest, I love to decorate my front porch, but I wouldn’t say I like having to change it every month. That’s why I usually stick with seasonal wreaths and door decor that can stay up for a few months. Instead of decorating for the Easter holiday, I would rather decorate for the entire spring season.

Spring wreaths feature artificial flowers, fresh flowers, paper flowers, a cute little spring carrot, and various other spring decor items(chicks, an egg or two, a single bunny shape) to capture a spring vibe.

Check out some of my favorite Spring Wreaths:

  1. DIY Quail Egg Wreath – This unique craft uses speckled quail eggs, lichen, faux florals, and a wreath base.
  2. Loop Yarn Spring Wreath – This wreath looks like something I would want to bury my face in. Omg, I love it. I also think this would be an amazing baby announcement wreath! Made with loop yarn, a foam wreath form, and some sewing pins, this wreath would make your entrance door stand out!
  3. Peeps Chicks Wreath – As you see above, I love the bunny wreath, so I would love the chick version as well. This wreath is probably more affordable because it doesn’t use as much candy. I imagine these wreaths would be a huge hit on classroom doors, but could the teachers keep the kids from snatching the candy off? Hard to say!
  4. Spring Colors Ribbon Wreath– Do you have ribbon scraps you need to find a use for? If so, this may be the perfect way to use them. You may love this fun project so much that you’re willing to buy new ribbons to make this wreath. Either way, I hope you’ll share your creation with us.
  5. Pastel Spring Wreath – I have my coffee filter wreath here, and I would have never thought to dye the filters!

Easter Egg Wreaths:

Five egg wreath craft projects from different blogs.

I shared our wreath above, but I wanted to give you a few more easter wreath ideas so you can tap into your creative side!

  1. Marimekko Napkin Egg Wreath – Did you know you can create a wreath using paper napkins? Neither did I! Grab some napkins, a wire hanger, mod podge, washi tape, and a velvet ribbon, and you’ll soon have this fun decoration to show your neighbors!
  2. Easy Paper Easter Wreath– This wreath is simple and perfect for kids. If you are a teacher, this one would be fun to make. Using a paper plate, spring-themed paper, glue dots, and an egg shapes stencil or cookie cutter; you can make a take-home craft in no time.
  3. Aluminum Can Egg Wreath – This project takes recycling to another level! This wreath is made from soda cans! How cool is that?! I love this look, but it will be slightly more complicated than the previous crafts. You’ll need aluminum cans, Sizzix Framelits Die Set, embossing folders, and paint.
  4. Facebook Famous Easter Grass Wreath: This crafter had a great idea; she stuffed her wreath with pink easter grass, which is ridiculously cute. I have seen this thing shared a bazillion times on Facebook.
  5. Farmhouse Style DIY Wreath – With two wire wreath rings, chalk paint, and a pretty bow (burlap) you have a fun way to carry your favorite farmhouse style over to holiday celebrations.

Easter Themed Door Hangers:

Easter door hangers are similar to traditional Easter wreaths but they are usually less time-consuming.

Four Easter and spring door hanger craft projects from different blogs.
  1. Splatter Screen Easter Bunny – If you’re into dollar store crafts and want to get the kids in on the action, this project is the easiest way to make a door hanger. It’s not shown as a bunny door hanger, but you’re in business if you attach a command strip or twine.
  2. Spring Carrots Door Hanger – This craft is perfect for anyone that wants to make their own easter door decorations! Another affordable door hanger that you can buy supplies for at your local dollar store. The site describes this as an easter carrot wreath, but I think it fits the hanger section better.
  3. DIY Cross Door Hanger – Celebrate the resurrection of Christ with this breathtaking cross tutorial. This DIY project utilizes fresh flowers, which is a great way to mark the beginning of spring.
  4. Moss Covered Bunny Door Hanger – With a bunny cutout, moss table runner, and some glue, you can fancy up your front porch in a heartbeat!
  5. Easily Convert Easter Decor – I love this video because you’re only limited by your own creativity and the stores you have access to I suppose!

Spring and Easter Door Decoration Ideas for Classrooms:

If you landed on this post and are a teacher, thank you for your hard work! We are lucky to have you serving our children, and you don’t get the recognition you deserve!

Eight classroom door decorations from Pinterest featuring . Spring, Chicks, Flowers, Bunnies, and Bees

I wanted to share some inspiration for your classroom doors and bulletin boards. These are just some of the awesome ideas I saw on Pinterest for spring classroom doors, Easter classroom doors, and Sunday School door decoration ideas.

Eight classroom door decorations from Pinterest featuring . Rainbows, Flowers, Birds, and Crosses.

I hope you enjoyed this post and found everything you were looking for. We love featuring crafts from our readers, so please share what you create via email or Facebook! I hope you all have an amazing Easter!

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