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North Carolina Tar Heels Christmas Tree

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Check out our North Carolina Tar Heels Christmas Tree! We started this tradition in 2015 and have continued doing it yearly.

Carolina Tar Heels Christmas Tree

This year my friend Sharon at Hobbies On A Budget requested photos of Christmas tree’s on Facebook, and I just had to share ours. This year my husband and I started a new tradition…. two Christmas trees.

My husband is a HUGE University of North Carolina Tar Heels fan, so he gets UNC Christmas ornaments every year.

After years of collecting ornaments (over 40), we decided that he finally had enough decorations to have his own decked-out UNC Tree.

Since we decided on this right before Christmas, I didn’t have time to find a tree skirt, but I did find a star topper. I’ll share that final photo below.

Sadly, this unc tree topper broke the first year I purchased it. You can take a chance on it if you want, and if you’re good at soldering metal, you could probably fix yours if it breaks.

Without further ado, here is my husband’s Team Spirit UNC Tarheels Christmas Tree:

Tarheel Christmas Tree

My sister-in-law gives my husband a new Danbury Mint ornament every year for his birthday, so these ornaments are all very special to my husband!

UNC Christmas Tree

This tree was perfect for our “pool room,” which also has all of my husband’s UNC memorabilia in it.

University Of North Carolina Christmas Tree
Beautiful UNC Christmas Tree

After years of using two real trees, I decided to try something new when we moved to Virginia. With the real tree, I used solid white lights. When I moved to the artificial tree, I used solid blue lights and loved the look.

I LOVE the look of our new Carolina Tar Heels Christmas tree! I wish I could photograph it as pretty as it looks in person.

White and Blue Tar Heel Christmas Tree

Maybe this year, I will be able to get a better shot at it.

This year I also found a UNC Tree Skirt that I LOVE!!

Which tree do you prefer?

Sharing is caring!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.