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Halloween Printable Tootsie Roll Bank Craft

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Whether you are planning on having a party or trying to get in the spooky spirit, I thought I would share this ghostly idea of a Halloween Printable Tootsie Roll Bank Craft with you.

When my children were young, we did not take them trick or treating. I used to love to try to come up with Halloween night ideas that would be fun and “scary” for them so that they would have a great Halloween. Most often held at home, I provided their candy and planned activities for them.

Now I have more resources and am able o come up with cute crafts like our DIY Candy Filled Halloween Card printable.

I think the Tootsie Roll Bank Craft would have come in handy back then because I could have decorated with it, used it for a prize after games, and then it would have also served as an excellent addition to their candy stash.

We have made so many of these. The kids absolutely love them!

Halloween Printable Tootsie Roll Bank Craft:

I am very excited to share this craft idea and free printable with you.

Tootsie Roll Bank Craft Printable <——- Click Here To Print 

Once you have enough copies printed to cover your banks, just secure the design to your Tootsie Roll re-usable banks with clear tape. These would be adorable as prizes for Halloween Bingo and other games as well.

Halloween PrintableTootsie Roll Bank Craft Supplies:

Printer Color and Black Ink Printer Paper Scissors Transparent Tape Tootsie Roll Banks (movie theater candy boxes can be covered with this design as well)

Make this adorable Halloween Tootsie Roll Bank Craft!

Halloween Tootsie Roll Bank Craft From Scratch Supplies:

Xyron® 150 Create-A-Sticker Machine (optional)
Xyron® 150 Refills-20’/Permanent & Repositionable Adhesive (optional)
A printer that scans or copies
Black and Color Ink
Printer Paper
Transparent Tape
Tootsie Roll Banks (movie candy boxes can be covered with this image as well)

How To Make A Halloween Tootsie Roll Bank Craft:

To get started making this phantom creation, begin by choosing a ghost theme and then making the decoration. Once you have one of your masterpieces made, you can make copies to use for decorating and save your original for next year. Using copies of the design instead of trying to utilize the original artwork is much quicker and stays in place with transparent tape.

Step 1: Pick your image and cardstock colors.

Bump In Night from Mini Monsters Cricut Cartridge

For the Halloween Tootsie Roll Bank craft, this ghost image is 3 3/4 inches and the Boo image is 0.87 inches tall. You can also use this size cover on some of the larger movie box candy boxes to get them to match your decor and then use as a prize for the winner of Halloween Bingo.

Step 2: Cut out your Halloween Ghost images using the CRICUT.

Halloween Tootie Roll Bank Craft Assembly

Step 3: Cut your background paper 5 inches X 8 1/2 inches wide. Choose a design that compliments your image and matches your other plans for decorating. Using your Xyron® 150 Create-A-Sticker Machine start your sticker by placing the boo layer of your image where you want it to be on the ghost sheet (shown above in white) that you cut on the CRICUT. That sticker will need to be placed on your background (shown above in black) using an adhesive runner dispenser or another holding product to attach your image to the background

Halloween Tootsie Roll Bank craft sticker making

Step 4: After your image is attached to your background, scan or make copies of your image. Two copies of your design will fit on one piece of computer paper for the Halloween Tootsie Roll Bank craft.

Halloween Tootsie Roll Bank Craft and Halloween Water Bottle Craft

Step 5: Cut out your Halloween Tootsie Roll Bank crafts and attach to banks with transparent tape.

So, there you have it! You will be completely in the spooky spirit once you finish designing or printing your Halloween Tootsie Roll Bank Covers. 🙂  If you decide to play Halloween Bingo you can use some of your decorated Tootsie Roll Banks or movie theater candy boxes as prizes. Your guests will love your decor and will have a great time at your event. Happy Halloween!

Sharing is caring!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.