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Homemade Mother’s Day Card (Filled with Candy)

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Mother’s Day Candy Card was inspired by a reader request.

When I learned someone was looking for ideas, I was so excited that I went right to work. Since most of the country is currently on a stay-at-home order, I decided to make this card with things I found around my house.

What you need to make your Candy Card

  • Paper in the color of your choice with the printable moon
  • Sheet protector
  • Candy
  • Cord, yarn, or string
  • Paper Clips
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Paper punch

How to Make your Mother’s Day Candy Card

Begin with the printable on the color paper of your choice. Then prepare to cut your moon shape and page protector.

Cutting out the card back and plastic cover

Now you can prepare to punch the holes for sewing. Use clips to hold the plastic in place while you are punching the holes.

Use a punch to make the holes for sewing.

Now for the fun part. It is easy to use cord, yarn, or string to assemble your Mother’s Day Candy card so you can fill it with some delicious candy.

Thread the cord through the holes starting at the bottom of the card

Next, thread your cord through the holes in the card and plastic from the back, making loops that will hold the plastic to the back of the card, making a pocket for you to fill with candy and the greeting.

Add candy until the card is full and pretty.

Once you have the card full of candy and you like the look. Insert the Mom, I Love You to the Moon and Back strip.

Insert the “Love You” saying into the candy card on top of the candy.

Now you are ready to tie the cords at the top and bottom of your Mother’s Day Candy card.

Tie the top bow to close the card

Congratulations! You just created an awesome Mother’s Day Candy Card that is totally original!

This Moon Printable makes Card Making a snap!

Download your printable moon Mother’s Day card template here.

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Sharing is caring!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.