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Gluteus to the Maximus: The Workout

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woman working her glutes

Photo by Gesina Kunkel on Unsplash

I don’t know about y’all, but I’m always trying to build my booty. I come from a long line of pancake tushes, so I have to work so much harder than J Lo to achieve that round bum! This is a workout I did with the hubby yesterday, but his bootay is already poppin’, so he just did abs for the glutes set and I’m not mad, but solid cheeks are a must! A strong set of glutes with support your posterior chain, making for more stability and support.

Things to remember:
1. SQUEEZE!! You have to establish a mind-muscle connection wherein your brain knows you’re working that particular muscle. Exaggerate the squeeze on each rep.

2. Keep your core tight the entire time. This supports your lower back, while also strengthening your abs.

3. Add some weight if you feel up to it!

4. Grab a band! If you don’t have one, though, use a weight to make the movement more challenging.

Gluteus to the Maximus: the Workout

Warm Up
Hop on the treadmill at a 3% incline and 3.5 speed. Increase the incline one full level every minute until the 9th minute (you should be at 11% by then). Decrease the incline to 2% until 10 minutes and you’re done!
Set your interval timer for 45 seconds on, 30 seconds rest for 10 sets. Then, have a 1-2 minute rest between intervals.

Interval 1
1. Jumping Jacks
2. Single-leg glute bridge (right side)
3. Jump Squats
4. Single-leg glute bridge (left side)
5. Sumo Jump Squats
6. Single-leg glute bridge (right side)
7. Squat Jack Touches (touch the floor at the bottom of the wide part of your jack)
8. Single-leg glute bridge (left side)
9. Skater touches (Really wide skaters, touching the floor on the bottom of each side)
10. Standard glute bridge (add weight)

Interval 2
1. Burpees
2. Banded lateral walks (in a squat position, with the band just above your knees, walk 5 steps to the right, then 5 to the left, and repeat until time)
3. Jump Lunges
4. Banded lateral walks
5. Burpees
6. Banded lateral walks
7. Jump Lunges
8. Banded lateral walks
9. Burpees
10. Banded lateral walks

Interval 3
1. Step-ups with a knee, alternating
2. Banded Booty lifts right (with the band around your ankles, support your weight on one foot, and extend your other leg straight out behind and up)
3. Step-ups with a hop, alternating
4. Banded Booty lifts left
5. Box Jumps (land softly, stand up, step down)
6. Banded booty lifts right
7. Side Step-ups with a hop right (with your right leg next to the step, step on the step with your right leg, hop, then back down)
8. Banded booty lifts left
9. Side Step-ups with a hop left
10. Deep Wall Sit (get below parallel and squeeze your glutes)

Your tush should be feeling pretty warm by the end of this workout, so make sure you stretch really well! Try doing this workout 1-3 times per week and add intensity and weight every time to see those glutes grow!

Sharing is caring!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.