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Printable Halloween Bingo Cards

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In the spirit of the season, I wanted to share these Printable Halloween Bingo Cards with you. As you already know, my children are grown up and have kids now. Some of my fondest memories of their childhood are of Halloween.

I have always loved getting ready for Halloween, and for many years I spent time and effort on making the night special.

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We lived in a rural area when the kids were young, and we were not keen on trick or treating. I preferred to make their costumes from old things around the house and then purchase different candies and have a fun night at home, dressing up, eating candy, and watching movies, etc.

 One activity that I think would be fun for a Halloween event, would be bingo. In addition to the candy they would be able to snack on while playing, I would plan on having larger sweet surprises for the winners of each game.

Printable Halloween Bingo Cards Supply List:

Printer with ink (black only or color if you want color printouts)
Printer Paper (or cardstock)
Candies, rocks, pennies, or anything else handy for marking the squares. Just make sure they don’t eat the candy right off the card before they can win! 😉

Printable Halloween Bingo Cards:

 Bingo Cards Set 1  <—— Click Here To Print

 Bingo Cards Set 2  <—— Click Here To Print

Halloween Bingo Calling Cards Printable  <—— Click Here To Print

I remember one year in particular when I made my daughter a princess using an old pillowcase for her “gown” and my son dressed up as Rambo using his camouflage clothes and a red rag tied around his head. I clearly passed that love on to my daughter because last year she created her first homemade costume for my grandson Jordan.

He wanted to be the Final Lap Character from Mario Kart, and I think she did a great job!

Once we had the costumes made, I would head to the store to buy a variety of candy for them to enjoy and plan our festivities. Speaking of festivities, I was thinking about how you could plan to play bingo.

With so many different Bingo games available, you may have trouble choosing. You can stick with Traditional Bingo

(five in a row, across, down, or diagonally).

Since it is Halloween, you could play one game where the winner has to make the letter H.

You could always play for the

and of course, Cover-All would be fun for the Grand Prize! I hope I have left you feeling like you and your family can be ready for your Halloween Adventures! Happy Halloween!

Sharing is caring!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.