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Old & New Family Christmas Traditions

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Our family has so many Christmas traditions we like to keep around the holiday season, and sometimes we even add to them. This year our newest Christmas tradition is called the Christmas Code Names Game. It has already proved to be so much fun, and we will continue this Christmas tradition every year (even when the kids are grown).

Decorating for christmas tradition

While it’s fun to start new traditions, we never want to start anything that would interfere with our tried and true, passed down from family traditions. One of those Christmas traditions is decorating our home on Thanksgiving. We have ALWAYS decorated for Christmas after eating Thanksgiving dinner. The only time we do not do this is if we are away visiting family, in which case we usually try to decorate their homes! I’m not even kidding! The last few years I have decorated my mom’s house as well as my own.


Our second oldest Christmas tradition is Gingerbread building. We have baked gingerbread men, trees, trains, houses, the works. If it’s made out of gingerbread, we will put it together and decorate it. We have yet to do this for 2014, but I am going out tonight to buy the kit. We did do it with my youngest in her preschool class, but it’s just not the same. Everyone has to be involved.


Before the Christmas Code Names game, the most recent Christmas tradition we added was the Elf. We started with Peyton (Elf Magic), but this year Santa sent Peyton’s best friend Peyton (the kids named him Peyton too) Elf on The Shelf. Our elf Peyton is always getting into stuff, and the kids LOVE their elf. The happiest parts of their days are waking up to find him and coming home from school. Our elf is always on the prowl for new ways to surprise the kids and keep the magic alive. I would have never imagined that one little elf could make four kids so happy!

We have a few other Christmas traditions like donating to The Salvation Army, Angel Tree, and more, but these are a few that I have yet to share on my blog.

My personal Christmas tradition is waiting until the last minute to finish Christmas shopping. I kid you not; I am one of the crazies you see out on Christmas Eve trying to finish my shopping. This year, I have managed to do a little better.

~This post was sponsored by Sverve and their client. All opinions and crazy kids are my own.

Sharing is caring!

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Gloria Tiner

Wednesday 7th of January 2015

I'm an all year round shopper.

Elizabeth Rodriguez

Friday 12th of December 2014

Ok seeing your elf Peyton makes me wish we had one too! My youngest is 9 and homeschooled so it'd be tricky if we brought an elf into our holiday fun. Looks like your family has a lot of great times together, I agree that these are scrapbooking pictures. Then when they're grown you can compare :)

Shasta Walton

Wednesday 10th of December 2014

Lol! That would be so funny to show the future son and daughter in-laws!

Shasta Walton

Wednesday 10th of December 2014

Thanks for checking out that post Amber, let me know if you ever try it. My kids LOVE it and of course they think they know who each person is. It has been fun, and they really haven't messed with the gifts this year. I guess they figure there is no point in shaking if they don't know who it's for!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.