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How To Sew A Button On A Shirt

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How to sew a button on a shirt is a simple sewing tutorial for beginners.  

Sewing can seem overwhelming but if you follow these steps and believe in yourself I promise you can do it! Just think of all the money you will save when you no longer need to hire a tailor or seamstress!

How To Sew A Button On A Shirt:

Nothing is more annoying than putting on a piece of clothing only to find a button has fallen off or is hanging on by a thread.

Today we are solving that problem! Break out all those buttonless clothes and let’s get started!

This tutorial is for sewing a button on a shirt, but you can easily use these steps to sew a button on your pants, sockpuppet, or anything else you may need to sew a button on!

How To Sew On A Button: Supplies

2-Straight Pins
Pencil for Marking the Fabric
Needle Threader (Optional)

How To Sew On A Button: Step-By-Step

Most garments have a spare button or two attached to them when you purchase them.

Using a spare button to sew on a button

If you find a button connected to the garment, cut it loose.

Where to find a spare button

If you can’t locate the button inside the garment, find a close match in the button stash you have accumulated over the years of buying clothes. If there is some thread on the button, a small sharp pair of scissors can cut those little threads so you can pull them loose.

Cleaning up a spare button

 Button the garment back up so you can mark where the missing button should be sewn back on with a pencil.

Unbutton the garment to see where your mark is. You will most likely be able to see the marks of the old button by your pencil mark as well.

Choose a thread color that will match the other buttons on the garment and cut a piece about 15-18 inches long. Thread your needle and tie a knot in both strands so it is double threaded.

For instructions showing  How to Thread a Needle With a Needle Threader

The double thread will speed up sewing on the button; you won’t have to go through the button and shirt so many times.

Stick the pins in the shape of an X over your pencil mark.

With your needle, pierce the fabric from the inside toward the outside where you marked the X with the pins.

Using care not to pull too hard on the thread, pull it through the garment and the button. Then feed the needle back through the button and then the garment through the hole diagonally located from the first hole. Feed the needle through the same holes in the same order about five more times.

Now move to the other two holes in the button. Come up from inside the garment through one hole and go back down through the hole that is located diagonally across from the hole you just used. Repeat this process in these same two holes about five more times.


Come back through the garment one more time but stay behind the button. Wrap the thread around your stitches about five times by going around the stitches like you are playing ring around the Rosie. 🙂 Push the needle back through to the inside of the garment.


Run the needle under the stitches about three times to keep your thread from unraveling.

Cut the thread. You have finished sewing on your button.

Congratulations. In a few minutes, you have repaired this garment and can wear it with pride! By sewing the button on yourself, you saved time and money. Go ahead, pat yourself on the back. You deserve it!

You can also learn how to sew on a two-hole button here.

What did you think of this easy button sewing tutorial? Did you manage to get your button sewn back on? Let us know! Your wins are our wins! 😉

Sharing is caring!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.