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Easy Affordable DIY No Sew Valance

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Today’s tutorial features an Affordable DIY No Sew Valance!

Affordable DIY No Sew Valance Tutorial

Some of our readers have been asking for an no sew valance since we published a post called Easy Affordable DIY Kitchen Window Valances. Since Spring has sprung, I decided my curtains needed some updating to bring a little color into my kitchen. These curtains were so easy and quick to make that I decided to use the same design as last time. This time instead of burlap with brown ribbons, I will show how to make one from Duck, which I was able to get for $3.97 per yard, and red ribbons. This valance is very affordable.

Affordable DIY No Sew Valance:

No Sew Easy Affordable Valance

Affordable DIY No Sew Valance Supplies:

45-inch wide Fabric (This one is Duck) twice as long as your window.
Steam Iron
Stitch Witchery or another bonding tape
Straight pins
Ribbon for Bows
Clip Rings
Rubber Bands
Stop Fraying Adhesive (also optional)
Sewing & Knitting Guage (optional, but makes projects a snap)

How To Make An Affordable DIY No Sew Valance:

Valance DIY No Sew

Step 1: Wash and dry your fabric. Fold lengthwise with the wrong, or faded, sides together. Iron the wrinkles out and the seam down the middle back in.

Step 2: Cut your ribbon into 3-foot long lengths. Make one bow for about every 10-12 inches of the valance.

No Sew DIY Affordable Valance

Step 3: Run the very edge of your ribbon through the Stop Fraying Fabric Adhesive. You only want to seal the ends, since you might see some discoloration from the adhesive. Hang them up to dry while you work on the valance.

Step 4: Make a 1-inch fold on both sides of the fabric. This is to prepare for assembly and to prevent raveling. If you use the Sewing & Knitting Guage for this step you can set the slide at 1-inch and use it for accuracy in all of your measurements.

Valance No Sew Easy

Step 5: Iron the fold to hold it in place.

No Sew Easy Valance

Step 6: Place the Stitch Witchery between the layers and cover with a damp cloth. (A piece of an old T-shirt works well for this step.) Set your steam iron to the wool setting. Press over the damp cloth for 10-seconds without sliding the iron. Check to see if the bond is secure once cool. If not, press again for another 10-seconds. Do this on both sides of your valance.

Step 7: Repeat steps 2, 3, and four on the ends of your valance. You want to have a nice finished edge on each end of your curtain.

Affordable DIY No Sew

Step 8: Place the Stitch Witchery between your hems at the top edges of your curtain and bond them together.

Step 9: Place the Stitch Witchery between your hems at the ends of your curtain and bond them together.

Step 8: Press the entire curtain, making sure you get a nice firm fold at the bottom of your valance.

No Sew Affordable Valance

Step 9: Starting 3-inches from the edge gather up about 3 1 -1/2 inch folds and secure with a rubber band. Repeat about every 9-inches. You should end up about 3-inches from the other end. If you don’t, change the distance between ruffles and try again.

Affordable DIY Valance No Sew

Step 10: Once you have your spacing like you want it, tie the ribbons around the rubber banded ruffles. Then you can remove the rubber bands.

No Sew Easy DIY Affordable

Step 11: Attach your clip rings at the ends and between the bows. Put your curtain rod through the rings.

Voila! Easy peasy! You have just transformed your kitchen with some new bright curtains! And you didn’t even have to get out a sewing machine!

Sharing is caring!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.