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Easy Affordable DIY Kitchen Window Valances

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Today I am going to share my newest project with you: Easy Affordable DIY Kitchen Window Valances This post has moved! You can find it on our new blog click the link below:

Ok, here’s the thing. We remodeled our kitchen about 2 ½ years ago. When I looked at window coverings, I was shocked! I could not believe how much money it was going to take to get something for the kitchen windows. It was going to cost anywhere from $170 per window and up. I put that project on hold. And that’s where it’s been ever since. We had put up nice wood work that I was hesitant to cover any way, so I thought, why rush into anything, right?

Well, I finally decided that the only way anything was going to get done with our kitchen windows was to do it myself since I wasn’t going to spend that kind of money on it.
The first thing I needed was an affordable curtain rod set then I would need my fabric.

I found the burlap section and was having trouble deciding between two shades; Natural Jute with Gold Lurex and White Jute with Gold Lurex. So I found a matching Ribbon for each color of burlap and made a valance out of each color. The how-to that follows shows both colors. This is where I need your help. I would like to see which valance you like better. I used what I learned from the first Valance and changed the 2nd valance a little. The first Valance is only 15” wide and a little shorter in length than the 2nd valance.The White Jute with gold Lurex Valance is only 15” wide and has Brown/Glitter ribbon bows and is a little shorter in length than the Natural Jute with gold Lurex valance which has Cream Burlap and Gold Wired Edge Ribbon bows.

How to Make Easy Affordable DIY Kitchen Window Valances:

Step 1: Wash the burlap on the delicate cycle. Then dry on the delicate cycle also. Remove from the dryer while damp to aid in the ironing of the burlap. It will come out very wrinkled. Warning: I had to vacuum out the washing machine and dryer to remove the lint from this.

Step 2: Iron the entire piece of burlap so that you can trim off the excess depending on which length of valance you like better, the white or the brown.

Step 3: Trim off the amount of burlap you need to make your valance the desired width. The finished white valance was about 15 inches wide, so I needed about 30 inches to fold over to make the valance. The finished brown valance was about 20 inches wide, so I needed about 40 inches to fold over to make the valance.

Step 4: Fold the valance in half and iron under the unfinished edges making sure the finished side of the fabric is out. Hold in place with pins.

Step 5: Sew the now finished edge to secure it and make sure it does not ravel. You can use fabric glue for this part if you don’t sew. I am not familiar with fabric glue, so I chose to sew mine. I wanted to be able to wash the curtain later and did not know if the fabric glue would hold up to washing and drying later.

Step 6: Now you are ready for the bows! Cut 1 yard of ribbon for each bow you will be tying for your window. I used 90 inches of cloth for a 60-inch window and put five bows on mine. I started by gathering the cloth in the middle of my valance and tying that bow first. Then I found the middle of one side and then the other to tie the next two bows. The last two were on the ends.

Step 7: Hang your valance using rings with clips on them (also available at Hobby Lobby). I clipped on behind each bow and in the middle between each bow.

You are done! You have made a curtain for the price of the cloth and ribbon. I was able to get my burlap for 40% off of $6.99 per yard by using my weekly coupon, and the ribbon was already 50% off on the sale. Both curtains were made for under $17.75 for the burlap and the ribbon.


So, please, if you will, let me know which valance you like better in my kitchen; the white with the brown bows, or the brown with the white bows. Oh, and if you decide to make one for your house, please share your results with me so that I can learn from you.

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Sharing is caring!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.