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5 Minute DIY Electric Wall Plate

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Here is a 5 Minute DIY Electric Wall Plate upgrade. You may have seen our previous post where we designed Glitter Light Switch Plates for our Little Mermaid Bedroom Makeover, but today we are sharing something a little more “grown-up.”

5 Minute DIY Electric Wall Plate

If you are tired of looking at your plain electric wall and switch plates, here is a quick way to give them a facelift! I have been trying different things lately, and I love the way this dazzling metallics paint brought this electric wall plate to life. There are honestly so many different ways you can dress up your walls. Remember, sometimes less is more, and it’s always about the small details!

Little details in a room can make a world of difference. If you feel like you don’t have the money to give a room an entire floor to ceiling makeover, start with the little stuff! They say don’t sweat the small stuff; I say sweat it, and make it awesome!

How to make your DIY Electric Wall Plate:

About five minutes of your time and some simple supplies are all you need to make your electric wall plates look fantastic!

DIY Electric Wall Plate Tutorial

DIY Electric Wall Plate Supplies:


Sponge Wedge

How To Make A DIY Electric Wall Plate:

Step 1: Dab the paint on with your sponge wedge until the plate is painted to look the way you imagined. You can put as much or as little on the plate as you like to get the look you want.

5 Minute DIY Electric Wall Plate Craft Tutorial

Step 2: Allow ample drying time before putting your plate back up on the wall.

This project is so simple and quick you will want to do every room in the house! Seriously, take a look at us! We are some electric plate decorating machines around here!

Get creative and think about accent colors that will really pop in a room. Sometimes when you’re looking at a paint pallet, there is one color that you really can’t see yourself using… use that one! Trust me; you’ll thank me later!

Sharing is caring!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.