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40 Days of Summer Fun – To Help You Make It Through The Week!

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Today I am sharing 40 Days of Summer Fun because mommin ain’t easy in the summer!

kids playing on splash pad at Sea World

I love Summer, but I often find myself stuck in a rut about halfway through, ready for school to start back so we can have some routine.

While I am all about a routine, not having one is one of the things I love about summer (until it gets old).

So this year, I have decided to plan my routine-less days (is this an oxymoron?), so I feel at least a small amount of control ;).

40 Days of Summer Fun:

  1. Throw a Summer Fun Party. Invite all the kids in the neighborhood to come over and play. You can plan fun games, have everyone bring their bikes, and have cake, hot dogs, and hamburgers to kick summer off right! It’s like a birthday party without the gifts 😉
  2. Join your local library’s Summer Reading Program. Often they will offer fun days with events, contests, and even giveaways. Start one in your neighborhood if your library doesn’t offer this program.
  3. Build an Indoor Fort. Perfect for those super hot days. We use our couches, bed sheets, and lots of blankets. If you have a small TV, you could even bring it in for a movie or bring in flashlights and tell spooky stories.
  4. Wii Tournament or whatever game system you own. Pick 3 or 4 games and let the kids go at it. Head to the dollar store beforehand to buy prizes.
  5. Go to the Park. My kids never get tired of the park. They love packing lunch and feeding the ducks.
  6. Plan a PJ Movie Day. Ensure all the kids wear their PJs and choose 3 or 4 movies. Make sure you have plenty of popcorn and candy!
  7. Go to the Pool. Or the beach, or buy a small pool for your backyard! Kids love swimming (and moms do too).
  8. Visit your Local Children’s Museum. Invite other moms and make it a summer field trip!
  9. Plant a garden. Even if you only plan sunflowers, kids love to watch their work come to life!
  10. Serve at a Food Pantry. Find a way to help your kids serve others. Contact the Red Cross and local Food Banks to see if they have any opportunities for you and your children to help your community.
  11. Create a Backyard Obstacle Course. You can use anything you can think of. Use what you have, noodles from the pool, tires, clothes hampers and baskets, sandboxes, hula-hoops.
  12. Create a Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt. List common things in your neighborhood (blue car, black mailbox, house with a red door, green shutters, pine tree).
  13. Sell Baked Goods or Lemonade for the Ronald McDonald House or your favorite charity. Invite everyone you know; maybe you could plan to host it at Walmart or a parking lot in town. If you want to raise a lot of money, contact the newspaper and let them know what you plan.
  14. Go to the Zoo. We love the zoo!!
  15. Host a Neighborhood Talent Show. Invite everyone in the neighborhood (even the moms).
  16. Have a Board Game Day. Break out all the board games you own, and have other kids bring their own (make sure all the games are labeled with the child’s name.
  17. Give the Neighbors FREE Car Washes. They will think you’ve lost your mind, but it will be fun :).
  18. Head to the Movies. Many theaters will offer $2 movies during the summer. Call ahead to get the schedule.
  19. Throw a Dance Party. You can use Wii Dance games or let the kids break it down to the radio and satellite music channels. Make sure you have plenty of water on hand.
  20. Backyard Games – Play Mother May I, Simon Says, Wheel-Barrow races, and Hide-N-Go-Seek
  21. Visit the Local Theater for a live show. During the summer months, theaters often host children’s theater and even offer children the opportunity to be in a play.
  22. Break Out the Sprinklers! Kids love to get wet, and you can pick up a sprinkler for as little as $2. Or plan this for a rainy day, and you’ll have the perfect sprinkler. Don’t forget your rain boots and raincoats…unless you want to be really crazy ;).
  23. Let the kids host a Slumber Party! Then you won’t even have to entrain them! You could also set up a rotation so each mom hosts a party at least once, giving every mom a much-needed break!
  24. Plan a Summer Vacation. Even if you don’t have the funds to go big, head out for 2-3 days. Getting away from everyday life can be a real blessing!
  25. Make Funny Videos. Have the kids make commercials for their favorite toys and foods, or record them hamming it up!
  26. Go Geocaching! This is something I, really, really want to do with the kids this year. It looks like so much fun.
  27. Sign the kids up for VBS. Vacation Bible School is usually a week long and can be a nice daily break.
  28. Take Them Out To A Ball Game!
  29. Help Your Child Start A Private Blog. This is a great way to keep up with close friends and family!
  30. Make Silly Goo– Kids LOVE this stuff.
  31. Have a Rough Housing Day -Check Out The Art of Roughhousing
  32. Make and Bury a Time Capsule.
  33. Teach a Simple Cake Decorating Class (or attend one with the kids if you can afford it).
  34. Go to an Outdoor Concert. Many towns offer free concerts by local marching bands, but you should also check Ticketmaster to see if any “kids concerts” are in your area.
  35. Do Arts & Crafts. Does your child love to paint, knit, or scrapbook? Plan a day around crafting. Or take your child to a craft store and let them buy one craft project.
  36. Have Your Child Get A Job! There are so many ways kids can make money. Help them get a bank account, and make fliers offering their services. They can pet sit, babysit, walk pets, cut grass, water gardens, and so much more.
  37. Host A Lego Invention Competition. Get prizes from the Dollar Store.
  38. Go Camping In Your Backyard! Do it right! Don’t forget the marshmallows.
  39. Go Bowling. My kids love love love to bowl, and with coupons, it’s not too expensive.
  40. Play Games Online. Children love playing online, and there are many games that you can play together if you have two computers.

Enjoy your summer 🙂

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.