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Dear Daughter, See What I See

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Dear Daughter, I wish you could see what I see when I look at you.

Shadows of a mother and daughter sitting on the beach

I wish that when you looked in the mirror, the reflection you saw looking back at you was the one that I see and have seen every day since the day you were born.

I know you think because I’m your mom I have to tell you that you’re beautiful and that you’re amazing and will do and are doing great things.

The truth is, it’s because I’m your mom that I can see you better than anyone else. For a brief time, you were a physical part of me. I carried you with me every day as God formed you in my womb. The connection we share is unlike any relationship you will ever have.

As you grew, I imagined all you could be, but even I could have never guessed how you would take my breath away. The beauty of your soul astounds me.

You’re getting older, and we are starting to butt heads, but still, you cry and tell me you don’t want to be mean to me. You hug me tightly as you tell me you never want us to grow apart, and I stand amazed. Your insight is incredible, and you are a gift to me.

When I look at you I see all the opportunities and all the things that I missed that I don’t want you to. I don’t ever want you to doubt your beauty or worth because of what other people say and, more importantly, what you say to yourself.

I won’t tell you words don’t hurt because that would be a lie. Words can cut like a knife, which is why I want to help you put your armor on. I don’t want to pretend like boys and girls aren’t going to say mean things because they will. I acknowledge that even within our house, words may be spoken carelessly, and if you’re not prepared, you may carry those words with you forever.

Dear daughter, when I look at you I see a beautiful girl.

That big fluffy hair that you can’t ever get “just right” is perfect Lexi. The size of your forehead, the shape of your eyes, your nose, your lips, and everything else God put on your head. They are perfect, and they make you Lexi.

What makes you beautiful goes so much deeper than what sits on your face or the shape and weight of the parts that make up your body.

What is inside of you is strong and powerful and bold, and I don’t ever want you to lose that. You are a fighter, you are smart, and you are good at math and engineering, sports and all the things that they tell you should be for boys.

But what you’re good at, doesn’t define you or your beauty. It is simply a piece of who you are.

Beauty is etched on your soul day after day. Beauty comes with life experiences. Your responses, your reactions, the depth of your love as it grows; those things make you beautiful.

I will tell you, baby girl, that the “glow” of your youth is fleeting.

That glow will change with wrinkles, laugh lines, stretch marks, acne, weight gain, and all the other stress this world will put on your body.

Every day of your life you will be given a chance to grow more beautiful.

Dear daughter, focus on those things. Focus on giving unconditional love. Work to uncover your gifts and passions so you can use them to make the world a better place. Leave your beauty everywhere you go so that others may be impacted by it.

Dear Daughter, you will make your mark on this world. Your beauty will be seen by all who know you.

I hope when you look in the mirror you can see what I see when I look at you.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.