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Why I’ll Never Stop Tucking My Children In At Night

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Over the past thirteen years, I have learned just how bittersweet motherhood can be. Today I want to share why I’ll never stop tucking my children in at night.

Why I'll Never Stop Tucking My Children In At Night

A few weeks ago as I climbed the stairs for the one-hundredth time that day I wondered why my kids always ask me the same question every night.

“Mom, are you coming up?”

I usually reply in one of a few ways.

“Yes, I’ll be up in a minute” or “What do you think?” or “Don’t I always come up?” or “Why do you ask me that every night?”

While there have been a few nights that I didn’t make it upstairs until the kids were already asleep. Maybe I was sick or not at home but I make it a priority to tuck my kids in each night.

Sometimes I tuck them in with a kiss and sometimes they literally want me to tuck them into bed.

What my children don’t seem to understand is that they will never be too old to be kissed goodnight.

I will never be too busy to head upstairs to say “Goodnight, I love you, sweet dreams.”.

They will always be my babies.

I want my children to know that even on a day when they have misbehaved. Or when I’ve lost my temper, I want them to know that we come back to the same place every night.

A place of love, acceptance, forgiveness, and family.

I want the last words they hear each night to come from the people who love them most. When my husband and I give our goodnight kisses all is well in their world.

It signals the end of what may have been a great day or possibly a very bad day, but regardless of what kind of day it was, it always ends the same.

My children wake up to my love, and they fall asleep to my love, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Somehow as a child reading this book, I always knew this would be the kind of mom I would be when I grew up.

I can no longer do so many things in my children’s lives.

Carrying my sons is now impossible because they weigh as much as I do.

I don’t give baths, I don’t pick out adorable outfits, and I don’t sing my babies to sleep, but for everything I can no longer do, I will hold on all the more to the things I can do until they leave this nest.

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Friday 11th of March 2016

YES! Love this! I still tuck them in, pray with them and talk about their day every night! It's a very special time to share with our kids!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.