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Lessons From Mom

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Today I’m sharing some lessons my mom taught me. What did your mom teach you?

lessons my mom taught me. My mom and I standing in front of a boat in Kodiak, AK

Lessons My Mom Taught Me:

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom <3

  • You taught me that summer reading is the best and you can never check out too many library books.
  • You taught me that sometimes it’s worth going out of your way when you’d drive us around the warehouse so we could lose our stomachs as we belly laughed.
  • You taught us how to sing rounds.
  • You taught us that singing “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” and “Don’t Say Nothin’ Bad About My Baby” sounded best when we all had a part.
  • You taught me I could be a business owner when you made your first dish liquid bottle cover.
  • You taught me that handmade Halloween costumes were always better.
  • You taught me that having a mom at home is the best thing in the world.
  • You taught me how to stand up for what I believe is right even when others yell at me or go against it.
  • You taught me how to take care of others when they need it.
  • You taught me that marriage is forever, no matter what.
  • You taught me to love even when it’s hard, and even when your kid is screwing up big time.
  • You taught me that no number of birthdays would stop you from worrying about your babies.
  • You taught me that perspective could be flawed and that what you see is not always what it is.
  • You taught me to step off the edge and take chances.
  • You taught me that your love for me will always be unconditional.
  • You taught me about fairweather friends.
  • You taught me that you’d always be proud of me, even if I sang my solo part of Amazing Grace off-key at the chorus concert.
  • You taught me that great moms make incredible grandmothers.
  • You taught me I could share my heart with you and trust you’d keep it safe.
  • You taught me that mom and dad are a team and teams stick together.
  • You taught me that if you make Christmas cookies, it’s the most fun to bake ten different varieties.
  • You taught me that homemade cakes taste the best.
  • You taught me how to improvise.
  • You taught me that women work hard and don’t often get the same appreciation as men, but they don’t use that as an excuse not to do their best.
  • You taught me how to tap into my experiences and use them to show compassion.
  • You taught me that opinions could steal my joy, or I could toss them in the trash and focus on the truth.
  • You taught me not to be ashamed of my body.
  • You taught me that I don’t have to be perfect.
  • You taught me that it’s most fun to wake up to a song or silliness.

Want to know what my favorite lesson has been? You taught me that YOU were the best friend I had always needed.

I love you!

my mom and me

Sharing is caring!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.