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St. Patrick’s Day Placemats and Napkin Rings

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I have to admit, I was really excited about making St. Patrick’s Day placemats and napkin rings, because all I had to buy to make this project was two spools of ribbon!

1 Ribbon Boutique 7/8 inch x 15 ft Roll Glittery Gold
1 Ribbon Boutique 1.5 “ x 3 yd Roll Natural

Plus I used the following items that I already had from previous projects
St. Patrick’s Day 2015 Decorations
Easter Burlap 10” x 10 yards
Modge Podge


This time I cut the Burlap to 16 inches wide because I felt like the 18 inch wide placemats I made for Easter took up too much room on the table. Next I took a paint brush and put a layer of Modge Podge around the edges of each placemat to prevent fraying. I allowed these to dry overnight.


I cut 6 lengths of the Glittery Gold ribbon 9 inches long for the small bows
1 also cut 3 more 1 inch lengths pieces that I then cut in half lengthwise to make a tie for the bow. I made a loop with two pieces hanging down that I used the 1 inch piece to tie together with the hot glue gun. Once I had my 6 bows made, I glued a bow onto a four leaf clover for each placemat. I then glued a four leaf clover onto each placemat being careful not to use much glue on the burlap.


Then I cut 6 twelve inch lengths of the Natural ribbon for the Napkin rings. I used the hot glue gun to glue them into 1 ¾ inch rings gluing them about 4 times from the beginning of the loop until the end of the length of ribbon. Then I glued a small hat onto each of the rings to complete each napkin ring.


This project only cost about a little over $4.00 because I had already purchased everything I needed for other projects.


This project was really fun because I didn’t expect to make it. It kind of happened by accident!

You can view the fun St. Patrick’s Day wreath (pictured above) to learn how to make one for yourself. You can also view the St. Patrick’s Day centerpiece tutorial if you want the complete look.

Sharing is caring!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.