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A Song For Every Stage Of Christian Growth {Jeremy Camp}

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I love music, and I also really like Jeremy Camp. I thought it would be fun to put together a list of songs from his collection that coincide with the different stages of Christian growth, so that’s exactly what I’ve done!


New Believer: Child of God

During this stage we are zealous and overcome with a new-found love for a God who sent his son to die for our sins. The Gospel is truly our daily bread and we love to drink the sweet milk of God’s word. Our lives are taken over by a new hope, and thirst for righteousness and godliness. We don’t hesitate to tell everyone about what God has done for us.

Young Christian: Learning To Overcome

As a young christian you calm down a bit. Life was so amazing when you first got saved, but you are living life again, and now it almost seems more difficult than it was before salvation. Now you have to deal with pain, heartbreak, and tragedies, but you have to do so in a way that will honor God. You are learning about trust, mercy, and most important grace. Sometimes you wonder if you will ever be a mature Christian, and at times you may question God, His plan for your life, and your ability to honor Him.

Fathers & Mothers Of Faith:

You have learned so much about grace, mercy, and compassion. You are probably finding yourself counseling others and you love to share your experiences and God’s grace with younger Christians who are struggling with doubts. At this point you are leading Bible studies, hosting small groups, witnessing more, and you probably feel like you’ve discovered what God created you to do. You are well aware of your spiritual gifts, and you are starting to notice that God is putting people in your path to disciple. You have a much firmer trust and understanding of who God is, and you feel an assurance of your faith and are probably bearing fruit in your home, church, and community.

Sharing is caring!

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Shasta Walton

Tuesday 5th of August 2014

Thanks Shay! <3

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