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nPower Fitness Camp Review

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 Today I want to share my nPower Fitness Camp Review with you! I am a huge Nicole Wilkin’s fan! I started my fitness journey in 2012, and I had a photo of her taped to the back cover of my workout notebook. She was my #bodygoals. Last year I quit the keto diet and started my PT certification. Shortly after, I joined Nicole’s online fitness community. I eventually entered my first Nicole Wilkin’s Challenge and WON my third challenge.

nPower Fitness Camp Review Seattle

Five challenges later I decided to bite the bullet and attend nPower Fitness Camp. I’m not a group fitness type person, at least that’s what I’ve always told myself. I avoid working out with other people because a) I’m anti-social b) I get in the zone where my workouts are like magical vacations to another planet oh yeah and c) my brain power diminishes when my muscles are working at full capacity, so my ability to form complete sentences is often compromised.

nPower Fitness Camp Review:

Going to fitness camp was a way to break out of my comfort zone and challenge myself to do something I wouldn’t normally do. Living in Alaska did make this a rather pricey trip, but it was worth every penny. I needed a break from island life, mom life, wife life, and work life. It was nice to get away from everything and have some time to focus on myself. 

I flew out of Kodiak, Alaska Thursday morning and arrived in Seattle around 3 pm. I was able to make it to my hotel, enjoy some Chick-Fil-A, and shop a little before heading back to the hotel for a nice soak in the hot tub. 

Shasta Walton and Nicole Wilkins nPower Fitness Camp 2019

Camp Day 1: 

nPower Fitness Camp registration started around 4:30 pm on Friday and by 5 pm the camp was underway. Meeting Nicole and Moe was not what I was expecting. I heard great things about both ladies, but they were more “real” than I expected. The entire weekend was like hanging out with girlfriends I’d known forever. I am a reserved person by nature, but sharing space with women who work for the same goals and live similar lifestyles made it easy to open up. I was not only welcomed but embraced with open arms!

We participated in an ice breaker activity the first night, and I’ll be honest I am never a fan of ice breakers, but again this was different. We asked each other questions and then when it came time to introduce ourselves the ladies that asked us the questions did the talking. If you ever need an ice breaker, this one is perfect. Sure, I had to get up in front of everyone and say my name, but everyone else told a little about me. It was a great way to get us talking and help us get to know each other a bit better. 

Exercise Your Brain & Body:  

Our first workout was both a nutrition game and a competition. This game may have been my favorite part of the entire weekend, but it’s hard to say because I enjoyed each session so much. We worked our butts off, and my team won! Yay Team Moe! 

Finally, we headed to a session on motivation and why we do what we do. Maureen made me cry because I felt like she was speaking directly to my heart and we ended the night. I could fill my nPower Fitness Camp review with day one feelings and thoughts alone, but I’ll try to cover all my bases. 

nPower Fitness Camp Review Seattle 2019

Camp Day 2: 

Day two started at 10 am (9:45 really because Nicole doesn’t believe in being late). 

At this point, it gets a little foggy because we packed so much into this weekend. I promise I am going to do my best to keep everything in order. 

Moe started our morning off with a session on investing in ourselves each day. I want to say she also talked about foam rolling, but I can’t remember when that talk happened. 

After the first session, we went back into the gym for an upper body workout. I foolishly did my Buns and Guns challenge workout Friday morning, so I was hurting during these workouts.

Note to future self and anyone attending camp: Don’t feel the need to work out right before attending camp, Nicole has you covered!

nPower Fitness Camp Upper Body Workout:

I was familiar with most of the workout, but there were a few exercises I hadn’t tried. I’ve since added those into my current program because I love them so much. The focus that I loved during the upper and lower body workouts were those on our form. I always question my form in the gym, so it was nice to see the exercises modeled in person. I loved it when Nicole critiqued my form. Moe gave me some great tips for strengthening the weaker side of my body. Since I’ve been home, I’ve made it a point to work on that. 

After our first workout, and lunch we attended an in-depth session on nutrition which surprisingly taught me some things I didn’t know. I’ve spent the past two years learning about food, but there is always more to learn. 

After chewing on my new knowledge, it was time to work out again. We started with Cardio Acceleration, and oh my goodness, I thought my arms were going to fall off! Seriously though, it was an incredible workout. Every workout session was physically taxing but modifiable for any fitness level. The ladies at nPower Fitness Camp are great at balancing these components. 

I want to say after we did the cardio we had a foam rolling session (which felt amazing) and finished up for the day. 

Woman Doing Tricep Extension


Camp Day 3: 

Day three started at 9 am (which you guessed it, means it began at 8:45). 

Sunday was leg day, and I was pretty excited about it. We started the day by giving each other compliments, and then we went straight into the workout. Nicole demonstrated the exercises, and we were off on our own to complete an intense leg workout. She came around as we were working to give us tips and correct our form. 

As far as I know nPower Fitness Camp always has a posing session. 

After the leg workout, it was time for lunch and posing!! I was so excited about the posing session even though I have no intentions of competing in a bodybuilding competition. I wanted to do something that terrified me, and I did! What could be more terrifying than standing in front of other women in a swimsuit posing? Ugh, maybe standing in front of men doing the same but seriously, this was way outside of my comfort zone. I didn’t believe I would do it until I walked out in my suit. Posing is hard, but fun and I practice daily!

After the posing session, we talked about nutrition again this time focusing on macros, cutting, and bulking. Once again I learned something and left feeling excited about my diet. After talking about food, we went into supplements and just like that the weekend was over. 



nPower Fitness Camp Final Thoughts & Important Stuff: 

nPower Fitness Camp was an unforgettable experience for me. I made new friends. Seriously, the women who attend are incredible. I also got to know Moe and Nicole better and worked my butt off. I would do it again in a heartbeat!

nPower Fitness Camp is $325 or $425 (this includes dinner with Nicole) 

nPower Fitness Camp hosts camps in the USA and sometimes abroad

Coming away from nPower fitness camp now (a week later) I’m encouraged to reach my goals more than ever. I feel like the things I learned during camp are being used and propelling me forward to achieve greater things. I believe I can accomplish my goals. Nothing feels better than that! 


Learn more about Nicole Wilkins Challenges, nPower Fitness Camp, and nPower Nutrition in their Facebook Community. 


Woman Doing Barbell Hip Thrust

If you found my nPower Fitness Camp review helpful or have any questions, please comment below! 


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