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Quick Homemade Gifts

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Best Cheap Homemade Gifts

Wow, Christmas is almost here already! This year is flying by!! With our family and friend list getting bigger every year, we decided we needed a different plan this year.

Betty Crocker

We decided that we wanted to do something different for our co-workers this year. We thought that a homemade gift would let them know that they are important enough to us to spend the time to make their gift rather than wandering the store aisles looking for it. What would be better than home baked cookies?

Cookie Gifts

I was very excited to try this out when I discovered the Betty Crocker Cookie Mixes! When I first thought about this idea, I was picturing a big mess in the kitchen and a long shopping list. Well, not true! With Betty Crocker Cookie mixes, the time spent on the cookies and the shopping list was much smaller!! Thanks to Publix, I was able to get the what I needed to start my project, including the Ziplock storage containers, and I was able to use my coupons on the cookie mix! Hurry in to get yours while coupon and cookie mix supplies last!

Gifts For Co Workers

Okay, now that I had my ingredients, I was ready to start baking my cookies! Each batch of cookies only took about 10 minutes to mix up and about the same amount of time for each pan to bake. I was able to have another batch mixed up before my first batch was finished baking! I rolled my sugar cookies and then pressed them in the rainbow sprinkles to add a little holiday color!

Affordable Christmas Gifts Homemade

Once my Betty Crocker Cookies had cooled, I lined my Ziplock container with some red and white paper and sealed them up! This would be the perfect way to keep the cookies fresh until they can be eaten. One of the things I like about the cookie idea is that I can do a combination of a few different flavors, or put only their favorite cookies in! I also made some of the cookies smaller, so that I could make stacks of each flavor and made some larger since I knew they were the favorite flavor of my recipient!

Cheap Homemade Christmas Gifts

After packing them up, it only took moments to add a piece of decorative tape and a ribbon to the dish and voila! Instant gift, ready to give! I think I actually spent less time on these gifts than I spent browsing the aisles in several stores last year looking for the perfect gift! I know I spent less money and my co-workers will enjoy the flavors of their home baked cookies!

Betty Crocker and Ziploc Gifts

Do you have someone on your list that would love a container filled with cookies? Don’t be afraid to tackle the task. Betty Crocker Cookie Mixes make the gift easy and quick! Looking for great cookie ideas? Be sure to check out the Betty Crocker 24 Days of Cookies for inspiring ideas for your own gifts!

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