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Gluten-Free Snacks Your Family Will Love

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When everyone started going gluten-free, I shook my head. Why on earth would they think cutting wheat out of their diets would help them? I couldn’t imagine losing such a valuable source of fiber, not to mention my whole wheat peanut butter sandwiches (ate those bad boys every day). Then I started researching the human body, and suddenly I realized that I needed to change my diet. Which I did, and the results were unbelievable. One thing I realized fairly quickly was that most of my tummy troubles along with a few of the kids were caused by gluten! Yeah, I was pretty shocked too.

Once I left gluten behind and was feeling better, I decided to introduce it back into my diet slowly. This was a VERY. BAD. IDEA. Ugh, I was bloated, had no energy, was cranky, it sucked. After that, I eliminated gluten for good. Now that I’m aware I spend a lot of time trying to find gluten-free options for the kids, and I have to say I am impressed by Walmart’s gluten-free options. My store has gluten-free items sprinkled throughout the aisles, and they even have a gluten-free section. That is pretty awesome.


In honor of all this gluten-free awesomeness, I thought I would share a few kid friendly (and parent-friendly) snacks your children will love.


First things first, we need to make a batch of fruit dip. This recipe is super simple to make and only takes two ingredients: 8oz Cream Cheese and 15oz of Marshmallow Fluff. Toss these two in a mixer and blend them until they are completely combined. The dip is much easier to scoop if the fluff and cream cheese are mixed well. The fluff alone is super sticky.

Now that we have our dip we are ready to create two sweet treats.



Orange Creamsicle Bites w/a Hint of Chocolate:                                               

Quaker Popped Rice Crisps (Chocolate)
Fruit Dip (see recipe above)
Clementines or Tangerines

How You Make It:




Lay out your Quaker Popped on parchment paper and add a layer of fruit dip to each crisp. Then top with orange slices. You could also toss some zest on top if you want to get fancy!


Chocolate Banana Bites:

Quaker Popped Rice Crisps (Chocolate)
Fruit Dip (see recipe above)
Peanuts (crushed)
Chocolate Shell (or any drizzled chocolate) 

How To Make It:



Lay out your Quaker Popped on parchment paper. Then arrange banana slices and cover with chocolate and crushed peanuts. While that is setting, add a small dot of fruit dip to each crisp. Then top with your chocolate covered banana.

Now for our savory snacks we are going to use Quaker Popped Garlic and Parmesan but you could also pair this with most of the salty and savory crisps and I think it would be a hit.


Creamy Garlic & Parm Bites:

Quaker Popped Rice Crisps (Garlic & Parm)
Cream Cheese
Tomatoes (optional)


How To Make It:



Lay out your garlic and parm crisps on parchment paper. In a mixing bowl mix cream cheese and salt and pepper to your liking. Top each crisp with cream cheese and garnish with tomatoes. You can also use the cream cheese as a dip if you prefer.


My final snack idea is ridiculously easy. Can anyone say HUMMUS? I mean come on, what can’t you put hummus on? I know I haven’t found anything yet! Seriously though the garlic and parm compliment the hummus amazingly.


Do you shop at Walmart for your families gluten-free needs? What do you think of their selection?

 Gluten Free Snacks

This post was sponsored by Sverve, and it’s advertiser Walmart. All opinions are my own. #gfwalmart


Sharing is caring!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.