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Getting Your Car Ready for Summer

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Getting Your Car Ready Summer

Since summer is my favorite season, I wanted to share a tutorial on Getting Your Car Ready for Summer.

I don’t know about you, but my favorite activities are swimming, golf, and running or walking outside.

When summer arrives, I don’t want to waste time driving to and from the house if an opportunity comes up to enjoy one of my favorite activities.

That’s why I go ahead and prepare my car for the season with these easy steps.

Summer Organization

How to Get Your Car Ready for Summer

The first thing I do when getting ready for summer is to change my air filter.

Since this process is so easy and only takes minutes, it is an easy way to improve airflow and prevent dirt and dust from entering and damaging my engine.

I knew it would take five minutes or less to change, and since I was already at Walmart picking up my summer supplies, I figured I would pick one up.

Fram 1]

This is one of the many Fram products available to keep your car running smoothly.

Summer Car Prep

You will be amazed to see how easily it changes, which could increase acceleration and horsepower and improve your overall engine performance.

How to Change Your Fram Extra Guard Air Filter:

Step 1: Park on a flat surface and set the emergency brake. Open the hood.

Step 2: The air filter is usually located in a black plastic rectangular case near the top of the engine.

Summer Car Prep 8

Step 3: Make sure the engine is excellent before you begin. Pop the clips that hold the box shut.

Summer Car Prep 1

Step 4: Remove the old air filter. As you can see, mine needed replacing!

Summer Car Prep 3

Step 5: Place the new Fram Extra Guard Air Filter in the case.

Summer Car Prep 5

Step 6: Put the case back in the motor and buckle the clips.

Summer Car Prep 7

Now you can lower the hood and start working on organizing your trunk. Don’t stress about cleaning your box and packing for summer because I have a tip that will change your life! All you have to do is take your upright vacuum outside, and your trunk will be clean in minutes!

Get Ready for Summer 2 (3)

What to do when Getting Your Car Ready For Summer:

The secret to success in being prepared for anything is organization.

Summer Organizing

Step 1: Find the proper storage solutions for your trunk. I used to have a storage box under my bed that held shoes. Since it is a little too tall to fit under there, I had trouble sliding it in and out. My solution was to use only the lid under my bed, and I could place my shoes on the cover and easily slide them out from under the bed. Using only the body left me with a shallow, long tote with no lid. Trunk organization is made easy with this item.

Step 2: Arrange your favorite gear by activity. When shopping at the thrift store this winter, I found the perfect beach bag for $2.00!

Get Ready for Beach1

Now I have towels, sunscreen, a paperback book, swimwear, and flip-flops all within reach. It even has a pocket for that pool membership card I hope for this summer! The bottom is insulated so that t can grab ice and drinks on my way to the beach or pool.

Get Ready for Swim

I also keep my golf clubs and shoes in the car iifI decide on the spur of the moment to play 18 holes. Storing old clothes, including socks, in the bag allow for spontaneous fun.

Get Ready for Golf Summer

I also packed an extra box of golf balls, tees, pencils, towels, bug spray, and other items I may need to add to my bag when I am ready to play.

Getting Ready For Golf

Of course, I had to include running/walking clothes, shoes, socks, ca ell phone holder, and earbuds. I don’t want to miss an opportunity for exercise if the opportunity arises.

Running Get Ready for Summer

Step 3: Include some necessities and convenience items. The manual for the car, an umbrella, and a spare pair of flip-flops round out this category.

Get Ready for summer

I also snagged a perfect trunk bag for shopping bags at the thrift store for a buck.

Get Ready for Summer 2

Now my groceries won’t roll all over my trunk.—last but not least, a couple of trash bags. You never know when you might need a plastic bag. Plastic bags always come in handy, whether to bring home wet clothes or for plant shopping.

Then all you have to do is pack your gear!

So let’s get out there and get packed up for summer! How do you prepare for summer?

Sharing is caring!

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