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Genie Garage Door Opener: SilentMax® 1000 Review

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Today, I’m sharing our Genie Garage Door Opener: SilentMax® 1000 Review.


For the past three weekends, my husband and I have been working hard to get our home ready to rent out. We only have about 2 1/2 months before we leave for NC.

To some people, it may seem like we are getting started a little early, but as a military family, we know that the sooner we start working on the house, the better!

We don’t like to wait until the last minute to do things, so we started on two of the most accessible areas of the house: the attic and the garage. This weekend, I unpacked and washed all of the winter clothes, which helped us clear out another section of the attic.

Then, we cleaned out the garage and replaced the garage door opener. We had hoped to get more done, but as is usually the case, our DIY garage door opener installation took a little longer than we thought it would!

Genie Garage Door Opener: SilentMax® 1000 Review

Genie sent our family the new SilentMax 1000 for review, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. When we rent our house out, we will be looking for a family with children to rent it.

That’s why we are doing everything we can to make our home as safe as we want it for our children. While our old Genie opener worked well, and I always felt safe with it, it was about 16 years old, so I knew it was time to upgrade!

I noticed a difference the first time my husband closed the door. Not only was it WAY quieter and smoother than the old opener, but it also opened and closed slower.

Our old opener made the door shake, and it would open and close so quickly and loudly that I was afraid it would damage the door.

I love the SilentMax and didn’t even know how badly our opener needed to be replaced until I saw the SilentMax 1000 in action!

Another thing that makes the SilentMax an excellent choice for busy families is the Network Adapter; now, I never have to worry about getting halfway down the road and turning around to ensure I closed the door. The lights shine green if the door is closed and red if it’s opened! No more wasted trips back home for me!

As far as the ease of installation, I think it was pretty easy.

My husband had everything he needed on hand, so that was helpful. If you don’t have a lot of tools, and this is the first garage door opener installation in your garage, you will want to make sure you read over the things you need in addition to what comes in the box.

We had everything we needed that wasn’t included in the previous opener. Still, we did have to move the support rails farther apart because this opener was more significant than the previous one. I would also recommend having two people for this job because someone must hold the opener while you attach it to the ceiling.

Product information from the manufacturer:

Key Features
• ¾ HPc 140 Volt DC motor and belt drive offer powerful, smooth operation while keeping noise to a minimum
• Compatible with almost any residential garage door
• SmartSetTM programming allows for fast and easy set up
• Auto seek technology reduces interference

Industry Leading Safety Features
• GenieSenseTM Monitoring and Diagnostic Technology that minimizes noise, wear and tear on the door, while improving overall safety
• Comprehensive Safe-T-Beam auto reversing system
• Intellicode® 2 (a new generation superior encryption system) automatically changing the access code every time you use it to prevent unauthorized persons from opening your garage door

• DIY install project
o Homeowners can contact their local Genie dealer if installation assistance is needed
• Genie’s YouTube channel offers how-to videos on programming your opener and changing the opener’s speeds
o Please note: The SilentMax 1000 is the DEALER EQUIVALENT of IntelliGTM 1000. That means that if you were to buy this exact same opener from a garage door dealer, it would be called IntelliGTM 1000 — but it is the EXACT same opener. All of the programming videos on Genie’s YouTube channel show IntelliGTM 1000, so keep that in mind if you plan to share the videos with your readers.

Additional details on the SilentMax 1000’s features can be found on Genie’s website:

Closed ConfirmTM Remote/Network Adapter Combo (MSRP: $50 each)
• Answers the nagging question as you drive away from home, “Did I close the garage door?”
• Provides additional convenience, security and peace of mind for every outing

• Beeps and flashes green when garage door closes
• Gives warning tone and flashes red when garage door does not close properly
• Works with Genie IntelliG™and TriloG™ garage door openers
• Operates up to three garage door openers

Price Point: $199.99 (includes rails)

I also want to note that if you are interested in purchasing this garage door opener but do not want to install it yourself, you can order this exact opener from an authorized dealer. Still, the name of the opener will be the IntelliG 1000.

Sharing is caring!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.