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DIY Earring Tutorial

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Make your own earrings darling with this DIY Earring Tutorial!

DIY Earring Tutorial

Now that the holiday season is over, I made a resolution that is a little different this time. I decided to take time for myself this year. You know how it is, as parents and grandparents we have a tendency to put everyone and everything else first and if there is any time left, take care of ourselves. Well, this year, I decided to spend a little more time and effort on myself, and you know what? I think I am a better person for it! My family has commented that I seem to be much happier now.

I decided to start by treating myself to a new pair of handmade earrings! Oh and I got an awesome dye job that added some fun new colors to my hair! My daughter was so jealous!

DIY Earring Tutorial:

I was so excited about the results with my hair that I decided to make some earrings to go with my new look! I wanted to continue to build on the foundation I had already started and thought that some earrings would be just the thing I needed to complement my new, deeper hair colour.


DIY Earring Tutorial Supply List:

1 Small piece of patterned paper

2 Long earring wires

2 Mini round pendant trays

2 Mini glass rounds


Precision scissors

You can also purchase DIY earring kits here.

How To Make Your DIY Earrings:


1. Place a small amount of glue/glaze on the back of the mini glass rounds.


2. Place the mini glass rounds on the patterned paper and slide around to spread the glue evenly. Leave these to dry for at least 15 minutes to dry. Make sure they are all the way dry before you try to trim them.


3. Trim the paper as close to the mini glass round as you can.


4. Peel one side of the glue dot off and place it in the mini round pendant tray to hold the pendant in place.


5. Peel the paper off the glue dot that is on the pendant tray.


6. Place the finished glass pendant in the tray.


7. Attach the ear wire.

Make Your Own Earrings

And there you have it! A beautiful pair of earrings!

Can you think of a better, quicker, more convenient way to do something nice for yourself than making these earrings?

I would love to see what DIY earring designs you come up with and how they compliment your look!

Sharing is caring!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.