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DIY Citrus Coffee Scrub : Essential Oils Recipes

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Are you looking for awesome DIY Christmas gifts for the men in your life? If so, this body scrub is super simple to make and is much more manly than any scrub you can buy (oh, and it’s all-natural)! I know a few men who would openly confess to using sugar scrub regularly, but not many. Most scrubs are marketed for women, and they come complete with pretty packaging and girly smells. This scrub, however, is packed with the manly aroma of coffee and citrus. Didn’t you know oranges are for men? Well, now you know! 😉

My husband loves orange oil. If a cleaner on the shelf says it contains orange oil, he will buy it. He says he loves the smell, and he swears it cleans better than anything else. That’s why I was excited to try a recipe for a body scrub that smells of freshly zested oranges and coffee. If you’ve never smelled the two together, you’re missing out.

I’LL SHARE THE RECIPE before I tell you all of the beautiful benefits of coffee and orange oil.

Citrus Coffee Scrub Recipe

1 cup coconut oil

1/4 cup fresh coffee grounds

1/2 cup sugar

6 drops Young Living  Orange Oil (not pictured)

Mix the coffee and coconut oil until smooth and then add in the Ameo orange oil and stir until mixed evenly.

– I recommend storing these scrubs in glass jars because essential oils will break down in plastic containers. Also, please practice safety when using any coconut oil product because it can make everything very slippery.

– If you have never used a scrub or scrub with a coffee, please be gentle. Coffee can be much more course than sugar and can easily scratch the skin if you “scrub” too hard.

These two ingredients are powerhouses for your skin. Add the soothing properties of coconut oil to the mix, and that’s one mighty Citrus Coffee Scrub, which makes it great for the man in your life! Don’t worry; you can use it too!

I prefer Ameo oils over any other brand, but I will share more about that in a future post.

Sharing is caring!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.