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DIY Baby Shower Gift Card Holder

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This weekend I needed a gift for a baby shower, so I thought I would share this DIY Baby Shower Gift Card Holder tutorial with you. I felt like a gift card would be the best gift, but wanted to give her something pretty. I thought I would show you how to make your gift card holder a showcase that will have the recipient saying oooh and ahh. Not only that but almost all of the parts of this gift card holder are also gifts.

DIY Baby Shower Gift Card Holder Tutorial:

DIY Baby Shower Gift Card Holder Tutorial

DIY Baby Shower Gift Card Holder Supplies:

Easy DIY Baby Shower Supplies Gift

Small Package of Disposable Diapers in size one that has colors you can work with (you will only need about 15 diapers for this project)
Baby Washcloths
Baby Spoons
Little Pail or another container for the center
Rubber Bands
Transparent Tape
Cake Holder or cardboard for base
Ribbon in two colors and widths. One should be wider than the other.
Clip Hair Barrettes or narrow ribbon
Clear Candy Bags

How To Make A DIY Baby Shower Gift Card Holder:

Baby Easy DIY Shower GIft

Step 1: Roll and rubber band about 15 diapers. Set aside.

Baby Easy DIY Gift Shower

Step 2: Roll baby wash cloths up as shown above. Your fold should be about 3/4 inch wide and roll from both ends, so you have nice smooth edges when you stack two of the cloths as shown below.

Easy Baby Shower DIY Gift

Step 3: Stack your washcloths as shown above. Using a little transparent tape keeps them rolled up nice and straight while you are rolling them into a circle to make the lollipop.

Easy Shower Baby Gift DIY

Step 4: Once you have is the washcloths up, as shown above, secure with tape. When you start rolling them, start with the top cloth and roll adding the cloth underneath as you go. This way both washcloths will end up finishing together.

Shower Baby Gift DIY Easy

Step 5: Tape the spoon to the back of the lollipop. You can try taping it both ways, facing front and back. This one is facing back so that the lollipops would be at a better angle when I put them into the pail.

Shower DIY Easy Baby Gift

Step 6: Put the lollipop into the clear candy bag and tie with a ribbon or secure with a baby barrette as shown below.

Gift Baby Shower Easy DIY

Step 7: Place them in your centerpiece. You can use any washcloths that didn’t get made into lollipops in the pail to give added stability and decoration to your lollipop holder. A little tulle will add a little spice to your lollipop holder.

Gift Easy DIY Baby Shower

Step 8: Place your lollipop holder in the center of your cake holder. Start putting your rolled and banded diapers around the centerpiece. Hold them in place with another rubber band, putting each diaper into the rubber band circle you made around the pail and the first couple of diapers. For the next ring hook rubber bands together to make a larger ring. Then add your rolled and banded diapers outside of the row you already made.

Shower Easy DIY Baby Gift

Step 9: Wrap your widest ribbon around the diaper rings and tie in the back. You should tie it relatively tight to help keep your diaper cake round. Use 4 glue dots to attach your diaper creation to the cake board.

Gift Easy Baby Shower DIY

Step 10: Wrap your gift card in the ribbon and tie a bow around it to hold the ribbon cover around the card.

Easy Baby DIY Shower Gift

Now you have created a lovely and unique gift card holder for the lucky recipient. And the best part is, the new mom can make use of all of the parts when she takes it apart. You gift card holder also has diapers, washcloths, hair barrettes and a cute pail that she can use.

Easy DIY Baby Shower Gift Card Holder Tutorial. This is such a fun and easy way to give more than "just a gift card" at a baby shower. You can give the mom to be a gift card and this cute gift card holder with a few baby essentials and everyone will be impressed!

Now the only thing you have left to do is have fun at the shower!

Sharing is caring!

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