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Cricut Die Cut Machines – What Do They Do?

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This Cricut Die Cut Machines post is to help you decide which machine fits your needs the best. Cricut cutting machines feature many options which mean finding the device with the right fit can be a challenge. Make the right choice, and your imagination will have no limits. Your ideas will become creations as fast as you can dream them up

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Cricut Die Cut Machines – What Do They Do?

Using the Cricut, your projects will have such polish that creating for giving will become pure pleasure. My passion for die cut machines was born in 2006. That was when I happened to see an infomercial about a new Cricut Personal Electronic Cutter.

Cricut Die Cut Machines – The Personal Electronic Cutter

This first Provo Craft Cricut Cutter has a keyboard that makes it easy to use for cutting fonts and shapes up to 5-1/2 inches tall. An extensive collection of different discount Cricut Cartridges provides the ability to create thousands of designs. Being able to create fonts and shapes in any color instead of running to the store and buying them is great. Not only that, but each Cricut Cartridge comes with a handbook that demonstrates the available designs and step by step instructions for success.

Owning the Cricut Personal Electronic Cutter = No more half-done projects waiting for that trip to the craft store. Design personalized borders and embellishments with this fantastic tool.

Cricut Die Cut Machines – The Cricut Expression Electronic Cutter

After the Cricut Personal Electronic Cutters had been available for a while, the upgrade to the Cricut Expression Electronic Cutter was released. Still using the standard keyboard and cartridges, now, you no longer have to cut and glue each layer.

Other features improve the user’s experience, like the ability to cut vinyl, vellum, chipboard, and foil in addition to paper and cardstock.

Cricut Die Cut Machines – The Cricut Explore One Cutter

The Cricut Expression machine requires a cartridge that plugs into the device. Some of the designs require changing the cartridges to finish the project. This new model eliminates that problem. First, upload all of your purchased Cricut Cartridges. Then you have the option of buying individual designs or having access to thousands more with a paid subscription.

Now you can develop projects from several cartridges at the same time. You also have the option of choosing a paper size before cutting, all from your laptop. This Cricut Die Cutting Machine also comes with the Cricut Bag which is a fantastic way to transport or store the machine when you are not using it. Since the release of the Cricut Explore One, two other devices have entered the market. They both do everything this machine does and more.

Cricut Die Cut Machines – The Cricut Explore Air Cutter

The Cricut Explore Air also has Bluetooth capability. The Cricut Explore Air 2 has every feature all of the other machines have. Also, it works up to two times faster cutting and writing than the others. Now that you can go wireless make a move to quicker and better design today. Start By using Cricut Die Cutting Machines in all of your projects.

Cricut Die Cut Machines – The Cricut Mini Machine

The Cricut Mini is a portable option for the Explore machine. For people with limited space, could be an excellent choice, taking up less space while allowing you to enjoy the features of the larger machine. You can still plug in the cartridges you already own or use your computer to create your designs. It uses a slightly smaller mat, which makes it perfect if you like to cut using 8.5-inch X 11-inch cardstock or paper. This machine will also cut fabric, thin plastic and more.

Cricut Mni Cutting Machineif space is an issue, consider the Cricut Mini. Remember, with the right tools; you can easily create stunningly professional quality designs.

Cricut Die Cut Machines – Wrap Up

So, I guess by now you are thinking about getting a machine and creating some designs of your own. If you are just getting started with Cricut, you may want to check out some of the Cricut Expression Cutting Machine Bundle. This way you can start creating as soon as you unpack the box.

In closing, I wanted to mention one last thing. I have always believed that success means having the right tool for the job. Teaming up the Cricut Cutting Machines with the right tools is a sure-fire formula for success. 🙂 My favorites are the Cricut Spatula Tool, the replacement adhesive mats, and the Cricut replacement blades. These tools are my Can’t-do-without tool team in all of my creations. The Cricut Spatula Tool makes for easy removal of my designs from the sticky mat. I also like to keep extra cutting blades and replacement mats on hand to have them when I need them.

Finally, whichever of the Cricut Die Cut Machines you pick, I hope you enjoy your paper crafting with Cricut as much as I do. I look forward to seeing your designs and sharing the excitement you experience when you design your creations!

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Janet Cornelius

Thursday 14th of October 2021

Would any of these machines die cut through several sheets of felt at a time? I may need to cut hundreds of shapes for a project. Thanks.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.