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Cafe String Lights For Your Yard

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Since we are so excited about our latest project, I wanted to share a tutorial with you on how to use Cafe String Lights to Enhance your Spa Experience. Since we are enjoying unwinding each night in the spa, we decided we needed to create a more permanent spa area and wanted some cafe string lights to add to the experience.

Cafe String Lights To Enhance Your Spa Experience:

Enhance the Spa Experience with Cafe Lights

Cafe String Lights To Enhance Your Spa Experience Supplies:

Enbrighten Cafe String Lights ( 1- 24ft box & 1- 36ft box)
1 GE My Touch Smart Remote
SAE Tape Measure
Standard Speed Square
Compound Miter Saw
48-inch Standard Level
Cordless Screwdriver
Sanding Sponge
1-2 piece set 2″ Strap Hinges
6- 5X 1/2 inch Phillips Head Screws
1-2-1/2 inch Barrel Bolt
4X4 Severe Weather Pressure Treated Lumber
2X4 Severe Weather Pressure Treated Lumber
1X4 Pressure Treated Pine Board
2×2 Pressure Treated Lumber
1X6 Severe Weather Pressure Treated Pine Deck Board
3-inch Countersinking-Head Polymer-Coated Deck Screws
1.625-inch Countersinking-Head Polymer-Coated Deck Screws

Cafe String Lights to Enhance your Spa Experience (How-To)

Wow, the patio is laid, the wall is built, and we are finally getting to the fun part of this project. Well, if you don’t include enjoying the spa, of course.

Enhance the Spa Experience Cafe String Lights

Step 1: Start by choosing the Lights you want to use. Make sure you pick a light you love and that you have enough lights to reach around your area. We wanted Enbrighten Cafe String Lights by Jasco for our space because we loved the style. Also, they are built for outdoor use to last year round and are energy efficient LED lights that are impact resistant and weather proof. Not only that but they work with the TouchSmart Timer. I love the ability to plug it and forget it. With the custom on/off time, we can pre-set our TouchSmart Timer to turn the lights on and off automatically, or use the custom countdown feature on those nights we use the spa. Remember, the right lights will change the look and feel of your area. Okay, now we are starting to anticipate the final result of our efforts!

Enhance the Spa Experience Patio

Step 2: Now that we have our lights, we need to build an opening for them hang in. Start by cutting 4X4 posts to 8.5 inches in length. Cut enough posts to evenly split up the wall length. Each section will have lights hanging in it. These will sit up on top of the deck boards you used to finish the wall. Sand the rough edges smooth with a sanding sponge. Measure your shelf wall board and divide the distance for evenly spaced posts. Your top board should be slightly larger than your original framework. Set the 4X4 posts flush with the front edge of the top board all the way around your wall. Mark each pillar where you will want to mount them.

Step 3: Once you have all of your short 4X4 posts marked, start cutting your 1X4 Pressure Treated Pine Board to the right lengths to start your frame that will hold your lights. This board will become the bottom of your light box. Use 45-degree angles in the corners,

Enhance the Spa Experience Frame Boards

And straight line cuts at the center posts. Secure the 1X4 pieces down with 1.625-inch Countersinking-Head Polymer-Coated Deck Screws.

Enhance the Spa Experience Casing

Step 4: Count the number of lights you have to work with and figure out how many lights will be in each section of the light frame. Measure the distance between each post and divide that number by the number of lights you want in each section.

Enhance the Spa Experience Frame Building

Using the numbers you calculated, to get the lights to fit in the spaces, mark the 1X4 board you are using for the bottom of your box at every location the bulbs will feed through for drilling. After scoring the point you want your light to hang through, center your marks in the 1X4 so that your holes will be in the center of the frame. Before you start drilling, double check the distance between your marked holes. Make sure none of them are more than 24″ apart, or your lights won’t reach. Adjust the distance between the holes as necessary to ensure they are close enough together.

Step 5: Drill the holes for the lights with a 1-1/2 inch by 3/8-inch shank drill bit. Drill one extra hole at the end of the line for your line to go back into the wall. Sand any rough edges down and clear the shavings. A paint brush and blower work well for this part.

Step 6: Thread the lights through the holes to make sure everything fits. Take them back out. Tip: When working in a wet location you should have a Self-Test GFCI Outlet with a weatherproof cover installed. This type of outlet automatically runs self-tests to monitor for faults. The weatherproof cover keeps both the receptacle and any plugs dry and installation must be in accordance with national and local codes.

Enhance the Spa Experience String the Lights

Step 7: If your patio is against a building, remove the corner screws from the framework long enough to take it down for installing the front and back sides of your frame. You are building a square box using 1×4’s on all four sides. Use pieces of 2×2 Pressure Treated Lumber

Enhance the Spa Experience Light Box Reinforcement

to reinforce the structure at the joints by attaching the in the bottom inside of the frame throughout the structure.

Step 8: Now that you have three sides of your light frame done, secure the 4X4 posts to the wall using 3-inch Countersinking-Head Polymer-Coated Deck Screws. Make sure the posts are square with your speed square before you attach them.

Enhance the Spa Experience Light Frame Attachement

Okay, now for the part we have all been anticipating! It is finally time to drop the lights through the holes you drilled all the way around your enclosure. Drop the end of your string down through the last hole you drilled. Now you are starting to see what the final result will be. Wow, isn’t it amazing?

Enhance the Spa Experience Feed the Lights

Once you are satisfied with the look and fit of the lights, mount the top board to finish the lights enclosure.

Enhance the Spa Experience Threaded String Lights

When attaching the top board, make sure the front and back edges are flush so that you end up with a beautiful square box to encase the lights.

Enhance the Spa Experience Light Frame Closure

Once you have your entire frame enclosed, it’s time to put the door in for the TouchSmart Timer so that you will be able to enjoy the spa at the touch of a button!

Enhance the Spa Experience Strap Hinge

Step 9:  Trim about 1/4″ off the wood panel that you are planning to use for the door, so that it will open and close smoothly. Attach the 2″ strap hinges to the wood panel that will be your door and the wall.

Enhance the Spa Experience Barrel Bolt

Step 10: Attach the Barrel Bolt to the wood panel you are using for the door and the wall.

Enhance your Spa Experience Timer Doors

This simple door will provide easy access to your TouchSmart Timer when you need it.

Enhance the Spa Experience SmartTouch Timer

So, now you have much more time to relax and rejuvenate since you have just expanded your days and the ambiance of your patio area with your new Cafe String Lights. So go ahead, hop in, the water’s great!

Enhance the Spa Experience Ready to Use

I think one of the smartest things we can do is to make our home a place that is so comfortable and inviting that we feel like we are on staycation every day and night. What better way to relax than staying home and enjoying your living space?

You know, working with the Enbrighten Cafe String Lights by Jasco has me thinking, wouldn’t these lights be fantastic installed over a bar in the movie room? Hmmm.

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This video and post is sponsored by Acorn Influence and their advertiser Jasco Products. All opinions are my own. Learn more about this campaign by searching the hashtag #EnbrightenLife

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