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Behind The Shave & Shine: The Military Man’s Character

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When you think of a military man you probably think about the buzz cut, shined boots, and a fresh shave. You see the sailor, the soldier, the aviator in all their perfection, a cookie cutter prototype straight from the bootcamp assembly line. If you are lucky enough to personally love and care for a serviceman, you see so much more.

When I look at my Coastguardsman, I see:



Devotion to Duty


I see a man who started out as a high school dropout, and will graduate this year with a Master’s Degree. A man who can work 12 hours straight on Labor Day weekend, overcome fatigue, to skillfully and safely, complete a 200-hour inspection. A man who can complete five days of maintenance in only two days and help complete 283 maintenance procedures, so that 235 flight hours could be flown by rescue and relief crews during Hurricane Katrina. Only to return home to serve as a husband, father, and youth leader in our church.


My husband serves in the United States Coast Guard, and I am honored to be called his wife. He carries many tools in his sea bag: shoe polish, gillette fusion proglide razors, and a sewing kit (who doesn’t love a man that can mend), and these tools keep him in tip top shape. A teenage boy left for boot camp, and a disciplined man returned. A man that will press his uniforms, keep his hair cut perfectly, and shave his face every single morning to achieve that respected and professional look.


Shaving for my husband isn’t just a part of his grooming ritual, it’s a part of his job. He has to go into inspections with a military precision shave, so purchasing any old razor, isn’t an option. Over the last 12 years my husband has come to trust the Gillette brand. A few weeks ago when I went on my regular Walmart razor pick-up, I saw a sign for the new Gillette Proglide with Flexball Technology. My kids immediately asked if that was the one from the commercial with the guys making funny shaving faces like daddy does. I hadn’t seen the commercial, but after searching online, I confirmed that it was.

It is pretty funny, and so true. Don’t believe me? Take a look:

They actually have a lot of awesome videos about shaving, for men on the Gillette YouTube channel, so be sure to have your husband check them out.

So is it true? I decided to see if my husband still made those wacky shaving faces…


Looks like the kids days of laughing at daddy’s silly shaving faces are over. Although, I’m sure he would still be willing to do it, just to make them smile.

I am thankful that my husband takes as much pride in serving us, as he does his country, and I couldn’t be more blessed. He works hard to make sure he is achieving all he can at work, and never stops working to be the best husband and father he can possibly be. He’s not perfect, but he’s perfect for me. I love my husband not because of his uniform, or smooth shaved face, but because his character is one of honor and integrity. The other things are just a bonus. My husband knows how to ask for forgiveness, how to step up when we need him to, and how to lead our family.

When I look back at my husband’s military career there are many things that make me smile, but this has to be one of my favorites:




How awesome is that? I am married to a truly remarkable man, and I can’t imagine my life without him in it.


Wondering what makes the new Gillette Fusion Proglide with Flexball Technology different from other razors? Check out this video I shot.

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