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St. Patrick’s Day Paper Medallion Marshmallows

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I have been busy working on some fun crafts for St. Patrick’s day, and so far my kids are loving it! These St. Patrick’s Day Medallion Marshmallows were a big hit, and they are perfect little treats for any St. Patrick’s Day party! Paper medallions are fun because you can do so many cute things with them. You can add them to yarn for fun necklaces, you can add them to scrapbook pages, the possibilities are endless.

I think these would be adorable treats to send to school. You would just have to wrap them individually.

Let’s get started!

St. Patrick’s Day Paper Medallion Marshmallows:

 Supplies Needed: 

– 1 12 x 12 Sheet of Green Cardstock
– 1 Sheet of St. Patrick’s Day Cardstock
– 1 Sheet (any color) for punching medallion backing (I used paper scraps)
– 1 inch Circle Punch
– Paper Cutter
– Green Striped Paper Straws
– Large Marshmallows
– Green Sugar Sprinkles OR  Coconut and Chocolate (dyed green of course)
-Food Decorating Bursh
– Hot glue gun and glue sticks

How To Make It : 


Start by punching your circles using the St. Patrick’s Day paper . You can also go ahead and punch your backing circles as well using any color paper. Depending on what size paper straws you have you can cut them to 3-4 inches. I had six inch straws so I just cut them in half.

Now cut your solid green paper in 2 inch strips (strips should measure 2 x 12)


After you’ve cut your strips you can fold them accordion style. I wasn’t too worried about it looking perfect, but if you are you can measure and score each edge.


Use your hot glue gun to secure the ends together to form a circle.


Now you will press the top inward and down to form your medallion, then hold and secure the back using your punched circle. Then flip and repeat adding your St. Patrick’s Day themed punched circle to the front of the medallion. Make sure to press your circle together tightly when gluing the punches on.


Once you’ve secured your punched circles you can tape your paper straw onto the back of the medallion.

For the marshmallows: Place the green sugar sprinkles into a bowl then paint the bottoms of the marshmallows with a little water. Then dip and spin around in the sprinkles to coat.


Stick  your straws into the marshmallows and you have adorable St. Patrick’s Day Paper Medallion Marshmallows! It doesn’t get much easier than that!


Sharing is caring!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.