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Planet Hollywood Downtown Disney = BIG FAIL

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John and I made the mistake of eating at Planet Hollywood for our date night on Monday night! I would not normally go out of my way to call out a restaurant for lousy food (after all everyone’s tastes are different), but terrible customer service just can’t go without recognition!

So here’s to you Planet Hollywood Downtown Disney for making our date night one we won’t soon forget! 

The building itself is pretty cool, and gave us something to do while we waited for our table. I love movies and memorabilia so that part was really exciting! I enjoyed seeing the clothing and props from some of my favorite movies. They had an outfit from Dangerous Minds, a Beverly Hills Cop Jacket, and lots of other neat things. The mood was also fun with all of the music videos and dancing, but everything else just fell flat! 

We placed our orders and about 40 minutes later (after we began to notice 2 tables that came in after us had their food) the waitress informs us that the kitchen “lost”our order and she has put it back in and told them to have it out ASAP.

Well, I’m not really sure what GPS they were using or how big the kitchen is, but how in the heck do you “lose”an order, and why didn’t she notice it sooner? Now, we are starting to get a little irritated, but decide to let her walk past us two more times before we would get up and leave.

About 10 minutes go by and here she comes again with no food, I proceed to grab my purse when a waiter behind me starts placing our food on the table. FINALLY!

As I start fixin’ up my tortillas John asks the waitress as she goes by for some mayo. I take the first bite, then another and GROSS…. crunchy tortilla edges. I love fajitas and order them often and I don’t think I have ever gotten crunchy tortillas! It was as if they had been heated, sat there for 30 min and was re-heated (could it be?).

John watches as our waitress comes back by and delivers drinks and guess what… No mayo! As she walks by he asks for the manager and when she comes back with the mayo she questions him on why he wants the manager and then NEVER tells the manager we want to see him! 

The manager just happened to walk by (and could tell we were not happy) and ask us “if we were going to make it” (not sure what that was supposed to mean) so John starts telling him everything that has happened and asks if we can just pay for our drinks and leave. The manager then proceeds to leave us sitting there for another 10 minutes while he goes into the kitchen to figure out what’s going on. He returns to let us know that he put out orders on his “personal comp”and we can go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SERIOUSLY?????? Your personal comp? Wow! Thanks so much for paying for our drinks! I mean it was the LEAST you could do for wasting almost 2 hours of our date night!

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Sharing is caring!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.