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Orlando Balloon Rides

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Orlando Balloon Rides Review

We took our very first balloon ride this year during with Orlando Balloon Rides, and it was incredible! I was traveling with my husband and father-in-law as well as our children (ages 12, 11, 7, and 5).

The morning of your ride you have to meet before dawn at the central office where you fill out waivers and get your wristbands. Then you hop in a van and ride out to the site where you will take off.

Note: When planning a balloon ride weather is a significant factor. Try to check the weather before scheduling. Orlando Balloon Rides offers a daily flight status update number that you can call after 8 pm to verify the status of your flight for the following day, which is amazing. We weren’t sure if we were going to fly the next day because of the weather but thankfully the information was available to us. It would stink to leave before dawn only to find out your flight’s canceled due to inclement weather.

Orlando Florida Hot Air Balloon Rides

When you get there, you get to watch them unload the balloons and baskets and start inflating them to do what I’m assuming was a safety check. They ask some of the men to help out, which is also an excellent way to get some neat pictures of the men in your group.

Once they are all checked out, you get instructions for getting into the basket, and it’s time to load up and fly!

Honestly words can’t even describe what an amazing experience this was, but I will try!

Our crew members were fantastic. They made me feel safe, and I was a little scared. I don’t care for heights and my mind quickly considers everything that could go wrong. Thankfully the crew members go over every safety measure, and they will answer any questions you have. The crew member that flew with us was a pretty funny guy, which helped keep my mind off of the height.


The scariest parts for me were flying over the highway, the water, and the power lines. Other than that, I was fine ;). Kidding, but I could tell our guy knew what he was doing.


I think the most memorable parts of the flight were when we flew right above the trees (we could touch the tips of them) and when the clouds started moving towards us. I had no idea clouds could move that quickly. It was a little scary, but also breathtaking. I plan to post additional videos on YouTube so look for those.

Every flight is different so I can’t tell you what you can expect to see as each balloon flies over different things and can even end up landing in various locations. What I can say is that flying in a hot air balloon with this company was a great experience, and I would love to do it again with my parents.

For Families With Children:

Orlando Balloon Rides Children

My kids LOVED it! My youngest was afraid until she realized that she could look out through the holes in the basket, and she enjoyed that. After about 20 minutes in the air, I was able to convince her to let me hold her so she could see over the basket. By the end of the flight, she was a pro.

Orlando Balloon Rides Florida

The landing was also not what I expected. I thought it was going to be bumpy and possibly a little painful. We had been prepped twice on what to do, and when we landed I didn’t feel much of anything. After landing we helped pack the balloon back in the bag, the girls and boys got to jump all over it, and we loaded back into the van.

Orlando Balloon Rides Review

When we got back to the office, we all enjoyed champagne and OJ. Okay, not everyone! The kids got a can of soda, and they also had water available.

I cannot say enough good things about this Orlando Balloon Rides. They are great for kids and families and the couples all seemed to have a great time as well. The entire crew is friendly and super funny! You will have a blast!

Note: They take pictures that can you can purchase online and they are very affordable (so make sure you give your best smile).

What You Need To Know:

Deal Alert: You can now save $35 by using the Orlando Balloon Rides promo code summer35

Orlando Balloon Ride Promo

Location: 44294 US Hwy 27, Davenport, FL 33897

Prices: Monday – Friday $99 Children / $195 Adults  — Saturday – Sunday $109 Child / $225 Adults

Ages: 4+

Learn more about Orlando Balloon Rides Here: 

Website / Facebook / Twitter 

~We received complimentary day passes for the purpose of writing this review. All opinions are my own! 

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