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My Weight Loss Story: Losing 60lbs {It Starts With A Choice}

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This is my weight loss story, and I hope one day I will be reading yours!

You ever just sit down, and take a hard look at yourself, and decide that you’re sick of some things? It doesn’t happen very often, unless maybe life is down in the dumps for someone. I remember when it happened for me the last time. It was a couple days before New Years Eve of 2012, feeling sluggish, fat, and not the prettiest. I didn’t have the most exciting plans yet and decided that I would just chill out with a couple friends. But what was bothering me was that I grew up, a tall, skinny, healthy girl and then BAM! I look, and I’m 24, unhappy, and overweight. Something had to give. I had tried to lose weight before with Weight Watchers, with the bully that everyone is familiar with, Jillian Michaels… But this time would different. And surprisingly with that mindset, it was.

I started working out diligently on January 1st. It wasn’t hard, as I had a free gym in my complex. I had no excuses. I started running (We’ll call that a run/walk, with a lot more walk.. I used to be much better), slowly lifting weights. I even had a couple friends who would go with me, and push me, having me do army PT circuits and practice for a better time each time. The feeling of having to show up my last time and somewhat impress into them that I was getting better was what drove me even more.

I started watching what I was eating, somewhat. I wasn’t starving myself but I wasn’t going out every day. Slowly, the weight started falling off. First two months, I lost 16 pounds! That was the push I needed to keep going.

I continued to run, longer and longer distance for me, inside and then actually began to love running outdoors, since the scenery helped me pass the time, and as long as your iPod was charged, you were good. I can’t tell you how many times I ended up in the middle of the woods in silence. There is nothing like hearing your own breathing to UNmotivate you to run.

Weight-Loss-Story-How-To-Lose-60- Pounds
As the weight began to literally slide off, I felt more and more confident. People at work would make comments here and there, until one day, a coworker said “Girl, you need to go clothes shopping! Your clothes are huge!” Talk about being subtle.

I started to blow up my Pinterest with food ideas, clean eating, and new recipes. Don’t worry, I didn’t skip happy hour. My metabolism had returned to its three-sport rate from high school!

By May, I was down 40 pounds. In June, when I hit 50, we had a huge celebration and went out one night! My original goal was to go from 272.8 to 200. I hadn’t been under 200 since high school, but standing at 6”1 now, I wanted to be. I amped up the weights and the distance. I was willing to try any new workout and beat out my last workout. My brother and I had started using this website called Fitocracy, and we would enter our workouts for points. Any time a competition is going on against my brother, it’s easier to find time to workout. It didn’t matter if it was 11 pm, I was going to get that workout in!

By August, I had lost 60 pounds, and had signed up for my first half marathon for the following April! I had done several 5Ks here and there, but I skipped over the other lengths. Let’s get serious! I recruited some friends to race with me, and one stuck around. As we trained together, I felt myself get stronger and stronger. This high that your body can really do anything you tell it to, that is the best feeling.

School started and of course that was something to get back used to, but by the end of 2014, I had held my 60 pounds down as my total weight loss. I looked like a completely different person!

After my half marathon I took a break. Anyone who has run that far will tell you, your body is a little pissed at you for all the pain you put it through. (missing toenails, unexplainable pain and bruising…etc) And then started to get back into it.

The only struggles I had this year was moving. I started to try Shakeology, but it was the week I was moving out of town. Friends wanted to take me out for last drinks, get togethers, etc, so there is no way I could stay on a diet plan then… And who knows the next time I was going to have good friend pickles!

Now that I have settled, I have gotten back into Shakeology and my goal is to lose the last 9 pounds (I’m back at 209) by the end of October.

It’s totally doable. 🙂
And I can’t wait to celebrate. Anything is possible you put your mind to! And you can still eat those nachos! Because, I sure I did!

~ Written by one of my most amazing friends, Sarah <3

Sharing is caring!

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