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How I Lost 20lbs in Two Months: Shredded Mom Of Four

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I’ve gotten so many messages about this so today I am sharing how I lost 20lbs in two months! Grab your note pad and a blender bottle of water cause this is gonna take a while. (This post contains affiliate links) 

Before Pic: 3/4/2019 145lbs 
After Pic: 5/3/2019 125lbs 

In 2 months I’ve dropped 20lbs! I set a goal in March to get leaner than I’ve ever been. My goal is 122lbs which I estimated would get me to about 18% bf. I still have 19 days before our Hawaiin and I feel amazing.

It’s not just about weight loss though. I feel like I finally have my disordered eating under control. I am happy in my skin. 

Mom of four loses 20lbs in two months


After I shared the image above on Facebook I got tons of messages asking me how I lost 20lbs in two months. People wanted to know what I ate to lose weight, what kind of workouts I did, and if I did cardio. Today I am going to put all these questions to rest by giving you the answers you’ve been looking for and hopefully help you reach your weight loss goals as well. I can assure you that if you do half of what I’ve done you can make changes to your body. You don’t have to be obsessed with the gym or food to make changes. 

How I Lost 20lbs in Two Months: Backstory 

First, let me throw out this disclaimer (don’t let this be your excuse though). I have been working out consistently since November of 2017. I started lifting weights in 2013 but I had no idea what I was doing and it was sporadic at best. I’ve been consistently working out for 1.5 years with a month or two out of the gym. In that time I have lost weight, gained muscle, gained fat, and lost weight again. I have found that after building muscle losing weight doesn’t seem as hard. Gaining weight doesn’t seem to be as hard as I age either though so it’s a struggle. 


Before I had twenty pounds to lose I won a fitness challenge. After winning I stopped working out and ate like CRAP. That challenge ended before Thanksgiving and I ate like a fool over the holidays and into the new year. With the kids out of school, I stopped working out regularly and I was a mess. By March I couldn’t take it anymore. I had one pair of jeans that fit and I was miserable. That’s when I got busy and did what had to be done. It helped a ton that my husband and I planned a Hawaiian vacation because that meant I had a deadline which always motivates me. 

Now that you’re good and bored we can get to what you can here for. The dirty weight loss secrets! 

How I lost 20lbs in two months - Mom of four weight loss story

How I Lost 20lbs in Two Months: The Meal Plan 

March 4-22nd: To be honest I don’t even remember what tool I used to select my calories but I was on a mission which meant I was in the mindset to use the lowest calories possible to reach my goal. How many calories do you ask?

1330 calories 

What you can expect to see from my food logs is that I am a normal person. I have days where I don’t eat much because I’m busy with appointments and field trips. I also have cheat meals that may consist of pizza or a ton of fruit depending on what I’m in the mood for. Sometimes I eat the same thing every day or multiple times a day (hello, yogurt). I didn’t get on a more consistent plan until I started a new Nicole Wilkin’s Challenge. I started that meal plan on March 23rd and I no longer needed to track my food because her plans do that for you. I’ll talk more about that below.

You’ll also notice that I don’t eat a lot of recipes. I use whole foods to make quesadillas or similar recipe type meals but I pair foods together and measure them out every single day. That’s the kind of dedication that helps you reach your goals, but it’s not for everyone. If you think it’s something you can do you’ll need two great tools to get started. 

  1. Food Scale
  2. Cronometer App (so much easier to use than My Fitness Pal because everything can be measured by the gram) 


March 4th 

How I lost 20lbs in two months using cronometer food jtracking

March 5th 

March 6th 

How I lost 20lbs in two months – Ate simple whole foods

March 7th 

March 8th 

How I lost 20lbs in two months eating yogurt every day
March 9th 

March 10th 

How I lost 20lbs in two months – Took in a good amount of protein each day. 

March 11th 

March 12th 

March 13th 

March 14th 

March 15th 

March 16th 

March 19th 

March 20th 

March 21st 

March 22nd 


March 23rd – April 24th: March 23rd I started eating based on the meal plans provided by Nicole Wilkins. When I started I weighed 134 so I started on Meal Plan 2 which for this challenge gave me about 1660 calories each day. As always as soon as I started her plan I lost weight. I love it when that happens. After a few weeks, I started Meal Plan 1 which was 1440 calories. 

April 21st I broke from the plan to enjoy Easter with my family. 

April 25th – 29th: I attended nPower Fitness Camp which meant I was doing a lot of travel. While I did eat out, I tried my best to make good choices. You can read my nPower Fitness Camp review here to see what that was all about. 


How I lost 20lbs in two months food diary.


April 30th – May 4th: After returning from camp I just did my own thing with food while trying to keep myself sane. I was over low calories and trying to feed myself based on what my body wanted. If I wanted more than 1660 in calories I ate it. 

I started using My Fitness Pal while I was in Seattle but I don’t care for it. You can follow my public profile here to see everything I ate after April 27th. As of today, I will be returning to Cronometer for more accurate tracking. 

Now that I’m back home and the challenge is almost over I plan to start using the Renaissance Periodization App to hit my goal of 122. I will share more about this app in a separate post. 

How I lost 20lbs in two months a mom tells all

How I Lost 20lbs in Two Months: The Workouts 

Weight Training: 

I wish I could share the exact workouts I did with you but sadly I can’t. Before I started the challenge I was just doing whatever workouts my husband was doing. During the challenge, I was using Nicole’s workouts but obviously, I can’t share those with you. She works hard on those and it’s not really fair to give her work away for free. 


I have just created two workouts that will help you reach your fat loss goals and I will share more soon. Watch for muscle building and strength gaining workouts in the near future. 

You can find me two newest workouts here: 

FF Fitness Weight Gym Workout v1

FF Fitness Weight Workout v2

How I lost 20lbs in two months using weight lifting workouts


For the challenge, I started off with HIIT training but my body just wasn’t recovering so I started watching Netflix while walking on the treadmill for 1hr 4 times a week. Occasionally I’d watch a fitness video on Amazon Prime so it didn’t get boring (and so I could work out at home and not make a second trip to the gym). 

I’ll share more about cardio in a future post. Until then just get active. Get your heart rate up and do what works for you. 


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I hope this in-depth post helped you better understand how I lost 20lbs in two months. If you have any questions feel free to comment below of join the Facebook group! 


Note: I am not a doctor, nor do I play one on TV. For all health-related issues and any time, you start a new diet or fitness plan please consult your doctor first! Please review our Faithfully Free Fitness Disclaimer for more information.


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Thursday 9th of May 2019

Good for you!! I read it, I just gained some weight, and I want to loose mine as well.

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