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Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament Orlando Review

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Medieval Times

Last month we took the family to see the Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament show in Orlando Florida. The kids were excited to see the show, but none of us knew sure what to expect.

When we arrived at Medieval Times, we were all given crowns and told which color Knight we would be cheering on. We were in the Green Knight’s section, and I have to admit we had a pretty formidable knight! Not only did our Knight give my oldest daughter a flower, but she also won and then crowned my youngest daughter as the Queen of Love and Beauty!

The Show:

I found the show a little hard to follow. I guess my hearing is going because I couldn’t understand a lot of what was said, but everyone else in the family knew what was going on. I think my favorite part of the show was watching the horses. I love animals, and their horses are both beautiful and well trained. I was pretty impressed with their ability to keep my children entertained and cheering the entire time. No one got bored or asked if they could go out and look at all of the things for sale (be prepared, they sell lots of cool stuff).

The show was fun to watch and makes waiting for your dinner so much more bearable. Anyone with hungry kids will be able to relate to this!
The kids enjoyed cheering for our team and booing the other guys (we don’t usually allow this but given the setting we booed along with them).

The Food:

The food was fantastic. Every single thing we ate was delicious, and the kids loved everything! You don’t have to worry about leaving hungry because they serve soup, the main course with bread, and a dessert. You can also get coffee to go with the pastry, which was delicious. Oh, and my 11-year-old loved eating with his hands (he wanted me to mention that for any other 11-year-old’s who aren’t allowed to eat with their hands are reading this 😉

If you’re looking for a fun dinner show that is perfect for the whole family, this is a great one to check out! My kids have already asked if we can visit the one in Myrtle Beach this summer!


What You Need To Know:

Location:  4510 W. Vine Street Kissimmee, Florida 34746


Social Media: Twitter / Facebook / Instagram

Cost:  Adults: $62.95 + tax & Kids (12 & Under) $36.95 + tax ( Kids 3 and under are free if they sit in your lap)

~We received complimentary day passes for the purpose of writing this review. All opinions belong to my family and me! 

Sharing is caring!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.