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Global Resort Homes Review – Orlando FL

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Hey, Guys!

We made to Orlando, and are looking forward to a wonderful week to vacate our everyday lives and spend some time chillaxing and enjoying each others company without the daily demands of life continually nipping at our heels! So far, it has been amazing!

We met with our friends John and Jen on Sat. Night in Downtown Disney and dined at T-REX! It was the coolest (and loudest) restaurant I have ever eaten in! Then we spent some time shopping and Digging forFossils! It was sweet spending time with such cherished friends! That’s one thing that makes military life hard, leaving behind the friends, but we have found that it’s worth it to try to stay connected, regardless of the miles that separate us! Thanks, John, Jen, Bella, and LuLu for a beautiful evening!

Now on to what you have been waiting for. If you are wondering whether or not you should enter my giveaway for the 7 Day Vacation Stay Giveaway from Global Resort Homes in Orlando FL, let me answer that for you. YES, YOU SHOULD!

I will try to keep this brief, so I don’t give away all the fantabulous details in one day (but it will be hard to contain them all). To keep it simple, I will list each day “favorites” and give you ways to earn extra entries.


I don’t think I even need to elaborate on this one! As a family of 6, it does not take long, to wear and dirty a few loads of laundry each day! I LOVE not having to stand in a stuffy laundry room feeding all my quarters to a machine. Last year when we came down, I spent at least 4 hours doing laundry and still took many dirty loads home (not fun).


Seriously? Yes! While I am trying not to do too much, I still have things I need to do (including post these vacation posts!), and I hate my laptop! I would choose a desktop any day of the week, and am doing so as I type these words! I love being able to sit at a desk and blog, check my email, and the weather, without having to break out my laptop. It is also nice for anyone who does not have a laptop. You can search for park info, find restaurants, and buy tickets to Sea World, all with the click of their mouse!

** HOT TUB & POOL **

That’s right! Sitting right outside our sliding doors is our very own pool and hot tub! No need to pack everything we own to make a splash, grab a towel, and head out back! After our long ride here and our even longer nights at the parks, the hot tub has been and will continue to be a lifesaver.


I admit that I was highly concerned when I found out we would have a private pool in our back yard. I lived in FL for about a year, and I can’t tell you have many drownings there were. I can not stress pool safety enough, especially when on vacation. It is so easy to get distracted, and it only takes a second. Our home has three sliding doors that lead to the pool. They each have high locks (that the kids can’t reach), standard locks, a pool alarm, pool chime, and if they made it past that there is a safety fence that they cannot open. I feel very safe and slept well last night. As far as day one is concerned, this feature is my absolute favorite. I am not sure I would have slept very well last night if I was worried about the kids falling into the pool.

So far, so GREAT! I could not be happier with our home! It is incredible and honestly, the most beautiful place I have ever stayed.

Sharing is caring!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.