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Chill Yogurt Cafe – Mobile AL {Review}

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As most of you know I am a HUGE fan of ice cream. Frozen yogurt? Not so much! That was until my friend Trisha suggested we try out Chill.

Chill us basically a yogurt buffet With 24 flavors of yogurt and sorbet to choose from you grab a cup and mix and match (or stick to one flavor if you’re like me). After you’ve picked your poison, you load on the toppings. Wondering what you might find? This ain’t your momma’s ice cream shoppee! You can expect to find things like Cheerios, Cap’n Crunch, Dark Mini Morsels, and even Pop Tarts! They also have fruit, nuts, and whipped cream. You pay based on weight (which has never been more than $2.50 for me) so you may wanna keep an eye on the kids while they load on the toppings.

Not sure about other locations, but Chill knows that the best coffee comes from a Keurig, so you can brew a fresh K-cup for around .50 (not guaranteeing this price lol).

** There is a coupon for 10% off on page 3 of the LAGNIAPPE paper (they have them inside Chill) and it expires August 11th. You can also get a punch card, that gives you a free yogurt after a certain number of purchases (sorry I can’t remember how many).

My favorite creation to date is a take from a Cape Cod favorite of mine. Watermelon sorbet, with choc chips, and whipped cream. YUM!

This place is always packed, so I know I’m not the only one who loves it. To be honest I have been to Chill about 5 times in the past two months. I’m pretty sure it has replaced my monthly ice cream indulgence.

You can learn more about Chill’s on their website and facebook page. I joined the Chill-er club in hopes of getting some coupons.

From the site it looks like you can also host birthday parties and fundraisers!

Have you had a chance to visit Chill? What did you think?

Sharing is caring!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.