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Camping At Cheatham Annex In Williamsburg, VA

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After shopping at Walmart, our “SNACKCATION” destination, we loaded back into the truck and headed to our campsite. It doesn’t usually take us very long to unpack because we all work together. Once we finished up, we decided to use the empty RV lot beside us to play a game of four-square. If you haven’t played this game with your kids, you really should! Over the last two years, we have played so many games with the kids that we haven’t played in years. Before you head out on your own camping trip be sure to make a list of games you loved as a kid and show your children how awesome you are! Oh, and if you’re a little fuzzy on the rules, you can always look them up on your phone.


By the time, we were finished with our four-square championship game we decided it was time to shower and knock out the last of our back-to-school shopping. We planned our final camping trip in Williamsburg so we could hit the outlets to finish shopping for the kids school clothes. We don’t usually leave the campground, but we took a four-day so we would have plenty of time to shop and enjoy our camping trip. I was thankful John chose Uncrustables because we needed to leave before cooking dinner. Having them gave us plenty of time to shop, and the kids didn’t complain about being hungry.

Once the shopping was out of the way, we were ready to fully enjoy our mini-vacation. The next morning we hung out in the camper and played on the playground. The kids enjoyed Jif To Go Dippers while John and I went for a walk around the campground. It was so nice to get away and spend some time alone with him. He has been working so much lately and it’s times like these when we really connect and refresh our spirits together.


The pool finally opened at noon so we hit the pool to soak up some rays and splash around to beat the heat. I love the pools on the Navy bases because they have an adult swim rule. Adults get to swim for ten minutes at the end of every hour. It’s a great rule because it forces the kids to take a mandatory break while allowing parents to swim together uninterrupted.


During one of the breaks, I caught Alexis “tanning” while eating one of the Smucker’s Fruit Fulls and silently mouthing the words to the song playing on the radio. All while her eyes were closed. It was pretty funny.


Once we wore the kids out, we decided to head back to the camper for a much-needed nap. I think I was more worn out than the kids and I knew I would never last on the pier if I didn’t get some rest.


The view from the pier was absolutely breathtaking and the weather was perfect.


Lexi caught a fish that we nicknamed “Crazy Eyes”. The poor guy not only took the bait but while we were on the hook a crab started eating him. He was pretty small, but he made Lexi’s day. After she caught the first fish they just kept coming and the longer we fished, the bigger they got.


Jordan must have had the lucky pole because every time he would cast he would immediately start reeling it back in. He took home the trophy for the best fisherman that night. He still glows when he talks about it.


I had promised the kids that we would make Jif Chocolate Cheesecake Hazelnut smore’s that night, but I didn’t expect to be out so late fishing. We usually don’t catch much and the kids get bored pretty quickly, so we ended up having to make them the next day. Let me tell you, they were SO WORTH THE WAIT! If you’ve never tried Jif Hazelnut spread on smore’s before, you have to put it on your camping bucket list. Seriously, they are THAT good!

There were so many highlights from this trip. I can’t even begin to describe what a phenomenal time we had. We made memories that will never be forgotten and ended the summer with a bang. Here are a few more pictures of our summer end celebration:

Camping With Babies

How did you celebrate the end of summer with your family?

This #Snackcation post has been compensated by The J.M. Smucker Company. All opinions are my own.

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