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3 Simple Ways to Save Money for a Family Vacation

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Getting away and spending time with the family is something my household tries to accomplish each year. I’m not going to lie, however, sometimes finding the funds to go on the ultimate family vacation is a challenge. When you’re working on a small budget and have a bunch of financial obligations, finding ways to save can be a bit more difficult. Being short on funds doesn’t stop us from taking time to have fun and relaxation away from the house.

By planning everything out accordingly and finding small ways to save, we’re able to take at least one fun trip each year. Here’s how:

1. Comparison Shop on Certain Expenditures

Every year my husband and I go over our monthly expenses. We take a look at certain services we’ve subscribed to or purchased and shop around to see if we can get better deals. Some of those monthly expenditures might include car insurance, cable/phone/internet services, and more. We evaluate what we’ve been spending and then look to see if our current service provider can offer us a deal. If they can’t we go online and look for better offers.

·  While cable is one of those things we can live without, since we don’t go out too much its nice to have the services so we can watch movies and television shows together. So we check other cable service providers to see what they will offer us at a lower price. A lot of times the offers are promotional and have an end period which is how prices end up going back up at the end of the year. So looking for new promotional offers helps.

·  Car insurance on the other hand is one of those things we must have. Since we can’t eliminate this expense, we simply shop around to see which companies will offer the best rates. One year, our insurance had gone up because my led foot husband got a few speeding tickets and he had to obtain SR22 insurance. With a simple search we found out that you can compare quotes and buy SR22 insurance online.

Take a look at your monthly expenditures at least once every six months to a year to see where you might be able to eliminate, cut back, or find better offers. The money that you save, simply put it in an account to save towards your family vacation.

2. Saving Coins by Paying with Cash

We did a lot of work to get ourselves out of debt. Now that we’re out of debt, it is very rare that we will use a credit card to pay for anything unless it’s an emergency. Instead, we pay in cash. By paying cash for everything we not only ensure that we don’t spend unnecessary money on interest rates and transaction fees, but we can also save our coins.

·  Pay for everything in cash and do not give exact change. This way, the cashier will have to provide you with change. Take the loose change and place it inside of a jar. If you get the whole family on board, you should be able to fill up a jar rather quickly. When it’s almost time to plan for the trip, simply take the loose change to a bank and cash it in. You’d be surprised how much you can save in just a few months.

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3. Use a Coupon as Often as Possible

Another approach to saving money towards your family vacation is to shop with coupons as often as possible. It’s a pretty safe assumption to say that there is a coupon for just about everything you need. From groceries to restaurants and car repairs, you can find a coupon online or in a newspaper that can save you a few bucks.

·  Sign up for every coupon site there is. This way you get email notifications when there is a coupon you might be interested in. Also, sign up for mailing lists of your favorite products and services. Many companies will send out promotional offers that can save you a few extra bucks on your next purchase.

·  Every time you save, put the money you would have spent on the product into a savings account. When you’re ready to plan your trip you’ll have the additional savings to add to it.

This is just a few ways to put away some extra cash for your next family vacation. Having a tight budget doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t go places and have fun, it simply means you have to be smarter about the purchasing decisions you make. So evaluate your budget, start saving that loose change, and use coupons wherever you go. Once you’ve saved up a decent amount there are also easy ways to save on booking your vacation that will give you even more money to spend while you’re there.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.