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Renaissance Mobile Riverview Plaza Hotel

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When we moved to Mobile, we had to stay in a hotel for a few days. The first two nights we stayed at TownePlace Suites by Marriott (we are reward members, so you’ll notice that I review them often) in a 2 bedroom suite, because our my mother-in-law had come down to help us move. When she returned home we decided to try out the Renaissance Mobile Riverview Plaza Hotel.

Renaissance Mobile Riverview Plaza Hotel

To be honest I wasn’t really sure how well my family of 5 would fit “in” at this hotel. When I think of the Renaissance brand I don’t think family, I think luxury and luxury hotels are not always kid-friendly.


As I walked in to the hotel and saw the swanky lobby and lounge I was sure we where in the wrong place. I decided in that moment that we needed to quickly check in and book it for the elevator before someone asked us if we where looking for the Gulf Coast Exploreum!

Renaissance Mobile Alabama Riverview Plaza Hotel

We checked in and where walking to the elevator when my son spotted the peppermint dish, so of course all the kids had to grab one and we made our way up to the room. The hotel was beautiful. Every aspect, from the floor to the ceiling was a delight to the eyes, and spotless in a way I will never see my own home (at least not before the kids move out).

As we set up the pack and play for the baby, and got the kids settled in I noticed one of my sons slumped over on the bed, and in an instant I realized what was happening…he was choking. While my husband tried to dislodge the mint I frantically called 911, and they were on their way. I don’t think I have ever been more afraid, because we couldn’t get it out, and while he was taking shallow breaths, his nose had started to bleed, which really worried me. The paramedics and hotel staff  came to our room and fortunately he finally swallowed the mint. I couldn’t believe how supportive and compassionate the staff were. They repeatedly called our room to check on him, and even called again the next morning.

We actually had a very scary incident where we had to call the ambulance for our son (he chocked on a peppermint) and the staff was amazing. They even called a few times after the paramedics left to make sure our son was still doing well.
After that experience I realized that a luxury hotel can be kid-friendly when they have five-star staff. I would recommend this hotel to anyone, and truly believe it’s one of the best in Mobile.

Renaissance Mobile Riverview Plaza

My Final Take:


– Love the Pack-N-Play w/the new covers and sheets! Using a crib for your infant that has been used by other babies, isn’t always ideal, but parents can get peace of mind when infants are sleeping on fresh sheets, and a cloth covered Pack- n- Play!

– The beds were ridiculously large and comfortable, and after the chaos of the evening I needed a good nights sleep!

– The room was spacious and comfortable (even with three kids).

– The view of the bay was relaxing, and a nice change from the bushes we usually see.

– While we didn’t have the opportunity to use the pool  it looked nice, clean, and well lit.

Tip For Parents:

– I highly recommend valet parking if you are traveling with children, because the cars are parked in a parking garage, which can get packed. We made the mistake of parking and had to walk with the kids and the luggage from the far end of the garage, and let’s just say it wasn’t a fun walk!

Hotel Info:

64 South Water Street
Mobile, Alabama 36602 USA

Phone:  1-251-438-4000
Toll-free:  1-800-922-3298
Check In: 3pm / Check Out: 12pm
Parking: $12 daily or $17 daily for valet parking
Wi-Fi Available
No Pets Allowed

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.