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An Open Letter To My Father

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An open letter to my father is a personal letter to my dad.

An Open Letter To My Father - Father's Day Letters



I wish I could have spent Father’s Day with you, and I miss being closer to home. I enjoyed squatting at your house, and coming over unannounced, partly because I like to annoy you as much as possible, but mostly because I love spending time with you.

The older I get, the more I come to realize how much you really have influenced me. Mom sometimes says “You are your father’s daughter”, and I can see more of you in myself every day. As I prepped for my job interview Sunday night, I was trying to think of all the reasons I would be perfect for the job, and in doing so, I kept thinking of you. I thought of how hard you worked for us; getting up before dawn and heading to work each day. I thought of watching you work at the Exxon station, and going to your sales calls with you. I watched you with awe because you were so good at your job. You cared about the people you were working with; you cared about your company, and you wanted to do the best job you could do. For years, I watched you go above and beyond for Davenport. You are innovative, you are so smart, and you amaze me.

You have never let any obstacle stand in your way. You push through with a strong-willed determination to get things done, and to make things happen; that other people don’t even believe is possible. I have so much respect for you.

You have ethics and integrity. You are strong when you need to be, but aren’t afraid to admit your mistakes and limitations.

You love your family, and you have never let us down. You are hard on us, but we know it’s because you care. You have never claimed to be perfect, and I know you’re not; but you are the PERFECT dad for me.

You have supported me through some of the hardest times in my life. You have celebrated with me, during the most precious times in my life. I know that no matter what I do, you will always be here for me.

I am honored to be your daughter and proud to know that I have many of your character traits.

I am strong, determined, independent, and I value family. I have integrity; I’m innovative, and I’m a life long learner, because of you.

Thank you, dad, for helping me grow, for never giving up on me, and for being the amazing man you are.

I love you, dad; you are honestly the most amazing man I have ever know.

Love always,

Your baby girl <3



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Sharing is caring!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.