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Human Trafficking Organizations In North Carolina {Where Can I Volunteer?}

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 Human Trafficking Organizations In North Carolina {Where Can I Volunteer?}

As of 2016, North Carolina ranks in the top ten states for Human Trafficking (as reported by the National Human Trafficking Hotline). As a resident, this statistic is both frightening and unacceptable! I am raising four children in this state! Two boys and two girls and I can’t begin to imagine them living a life of bondage and slavery. NO ONE should have to live like that. It’s time that we take action.

We need to open our eyes! Let’s get educated together and do something to change these men, women, and children’s lives! They are worth it!

If you want to learn more about human trafficking, volunteer opportunities in your area, or ways you can give, please check out these Human Trafficking Organizations in North Carolina.

Thank you!

Human Trafficking Organizations In North Carolina: 

Project No Rest North Carolina Human Trafficking Organizations

Project No Rest – Statewide 

Email: [email protected]

“Project No Rest is a statewide project to increase awareness and prevention around human trafficking and how it affects our children and young people in North Carolina. Partnering with The UNC School of Social Work, the goal is to shine a light into the shadow that is human trafficking and reduce the number of youth trafficked while improving the lives of those affected by trafficking. By partnering with state and local government agencies, organizations and stakeholders, Project No Rest has developed a comprehensive plan to address human trafficking in North Carolina.”

Project No Rest is currently looking for volunteers! To learn more about getting involved you can visit this page for a list of local events (statewide). You can also fill out a Volunteer Information form and a Training Request Form.

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Eastern North Carolina Stop Trafficking Now

Eastern North Carolina STOP Human Trafficking Now – Farmville, NC 

Email: [email protected]

Eastern North Carolina Stop Human Trafficking Now desires to create a community that understands the tragedy of Human Trafficking and seeks to be part of the solution.

We empower our community to reduce Human Trafficking by:

  • Educating citizens about the reality of Sex Trafficking and Labor Trafficking in Eastern North Carolina and around the world.
  • Expanding local markets for Fairly Traded items produced without coerced or exploitative labor practices.
  • Encouraging legislators, law enforcement, and the public to contribute to the fight to end Human Trafficking.
  • Collaborating with and supporting other local, national, and international anti-trafficking and victim assistance efforts.

Eastern North Carolina Stop Human Trafficking Now needs your help! Want to get involved? Visit this page to learn more about becoming an intern, donating your money, your time, and your voice!

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Restore One Greenville NC

Restore One – Greenville, NC 

Phone: (252) 751-0411

Email: [email protected]

“Restore One is a ministry that seeks to open shelters that offer faith-based residential recovery programs, free of cost to American boys who are survivors of domestic minor sex trafficking (DMST). Restore One will treat every survivor as a unique individual by using holistic approaches and proven clinical methods that nurture healing and restoration. Restore One also counteracts human trafficking and human exploitation by community awareness, education, outreach and partnerships. Restore One’s goal is to see DMST survivors live in complete freedom, and to generate communities that are intolerable to the problem of human trafficking and human exploitation.”

Learn about volunteer opportunities, internships, and ambassador opportunities by visiting this page.

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Safe Rocky Mount North Carolina

S.A.F.E. – Support! Advocate! Fight! Educate! – Rocky Mount, NC 

Phone: (252) 336-3551

Email: Kenny Sumner [email protected]

“Our mission is to reach as many people as we can with the message that we MUST eradicate human trafficking by outreach, education, and support!
SAFE is a faith-based ministry that is an outreach of Peacemakers Family Center in Rocky Mount, NC. We will work with ANYONE who needs our support or who is interested in stamping out the plague of human trafficking!”

S.A.F.E. is always looking for volunteers. If you are interested please call or email Kenny using the number and email address above or message them on Facebook (link below).

Like S.A.F.E. On Facebook & Message for volunteer opportunities.

Am I missing an organization or do you see something that needs to be updated? Please help me keep these pages up to date. Leave me a comment or email me to let me know about a new organization or any corrections. Thanks so much! God Bless!

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