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A Prayer For The Childless

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A Prayer For The Childless - How To Pray About Infertility

Today we are going to focus on a prayer for the childless. You may not think this is important, but I would like to change your mind.

As a mother of four, I can’t imagine a life without my children, but I do know the depth of pain I felt when they didn’t live with me.

Sadness engulfed my day when I just wanted to touch them, hear them singing along to the radio, or tuck them in at night.

I know what it feels like to long for my babies, and to want nothing more than to see them smiling back at me, and hear them call out “Mama”.

Over the weekend God reminded me of how blessed I am to have given birth to four precious children.

He also opened my eyes to how desperately some women long to know what that feeling. I have many friends that have struggled with infertility.

Some have adopted, others have gone the route of a surrogate, while others have chosen to go through embryo implantation.

I don’t understand what it feels like to go down any of those paths, but I do care deeply for you. I hear you when you talk about the lengths you will go to, to bring a child home, hoping and praying that it can be through your own womb.

You desire nothing more than to share in the blessing of raising up future leaders and leaving a legacy, your namesake and I am praying for you.

Today as I was reading my Bible, this post was placed on my heart, so I hope you will join me as I pray to our God for every woman that is so desperately yearning for a child of her own.


Today I want to lift up to you every woman who is struggling to get pregnant, or trying other avenues for bringing a new life and blessing into their home and family. Lord, I know that you hear their prayers and I know that you are a faithful God who provides according to your will, in your time. Today Lord, I ask that you would embrace the hearts of these women, and show them how loved they are. Lord fill them with hope and peace during these uncertain times and send them women who will support them and pray for them.

Lord, I pray that those of us who have children would have our hearts and eyes opened to those who struggle to get pregnant, or face miscarriage after miscarriage and fill us with compassion. Make us considerate of them and their struggle. Help us to be careful with our words. I pray that we would serve them and speak to them in a way that is right for the moment. Remind us to pray for them and with them daily. Show us, Father, how we can encourage them.

Lord, you know the deepest desires of our hearts, and as you heard Sarah’s prayer, I pray that you will listen to the prayers of my family and friends, give them strength and growing faith. Lord if it’s your will, please give them children. Thank you for those who have adopted, thank you for those who have been surrogates, thank you for your comfort and peace for those who are still waiting.

Thank you, Father, for your sovereignty in all things. I love you, Lord, help me love you more.

In Jesus name,


Update: I originally prayed this prayer for my sister (in-law but I don’t see it that way) and you can read her full story here.

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Wednesday 19th of March 2014

Beautiful! I hadn't really thought about the subject - about people who want to be parents but can't become parents in the "traditional" way. Thanks for your prayer and for sharing it.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.