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What is the #40Pounds Challenge?

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I am participating in a sponsored campaign hosted by Emergen-C®. I received compensation for this post. While all opinions stated are my own, I make no claims about Emergen-C® as a product or its effectiveness.

By now you have probably noticed the hashtag creeping into your social media feeds, and you may be asking What is the #40Pounds Challenge all about? I’m glad you asked!

What is the #40pounds Challenge


What is the #40Pounds Challenge?

Simply put, the #40Pounds Challenge is a campaign to draw awareness and raise money. The #40Pounds Challenge demonstrates the weight of a full Jerry Can (pictured above) that mainly women and young girls in many countries around the world have to carry every day to provide water for their families.

These women and young girls have to lift this weight every day and because of that, they are being held back from education as well as access to basic personal care and safety. By participating in this challenge you’re not only sharing the struggle of carrying the physical weight of this can every day, but also the overall burden of those who don’t have access to clean water have to carry every day.

40 Pound Challenge charitywater

Can you imagine having to leave your home each day and travel miles to get clean water, and then having to carry it back by yourself? We have to do something about this. I don’t believe we have been blessed the way we have, only to hoard our blessings. When we have an opportunity to help those in need we should be spurred to take action.

Access to clean water transforms lives: it improves health, enhances education opportunities, and empowers women in developing countries. I don’t know about you, but that’s a challenge I can get behind.

How You Can Help:

Thankfully, all that’s required of us in this campaign is the simple action of lifting 40 pounds, so that’s what I did. I decided to use my daughters because they both weigh just over 40 pounds.

Even though my daughters both weigh a little over 40 lbs, I don’t think I can compare this to what these women and young girls go through each day. Yes my daughters are heavy, and I have carried them for 30 minutes or more only to hurt the next day, but they can wrap themselves around me. They can hold on to me, so even though they are heavy, I really can’t compare what it would feel like to carry sloshing water on my back, or over my head every single day.

On March 22nd (World Water Day) Emergen-C® and charity: water are kicking off a challenge to demonstrate the burden that people in  developing countries have to carry on a daily basis. Their goal is to help bring clean, safe drinking water to communities throughout Ethiopia.


What You Need to Do:

Upload a photo of yourself picking up 40 pounds of anything found around your house and use the hashtag #40Pounds and tag @EmergenC. For every photo uploaded, Emergen-C  will donate [$5] to charity: water! Don’t forget to tag your friends and family so they can take part in the challenge as well.

Don’t forget that #40Pounds doesn’t just represent the physical weight of a full Jerry Can, it also symbolizes the overall burden women and young girls have to carry every day.

#40Pounds Challenge charitywater


What you need to know about charity: water and Emergen-C®:

charity: water is a nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing clean water to people in developing countries around the world. Over the past nine years, the organization has funded 17,673 clean water projects in 24 countries, which will in turn bring safe water to more than 5.6 million people.

As a product, Emergen-C relies on and transforms water. As a brand, Emergen-C wants to transform much more than water; it wants to transform lives. The brand recognizes the powerful effect that clean drinking water has on people in developing countries, and is passionate about the work that charity: water brings to communities around the world.

I hope you will join me in this challenge and help “lift the burden” and bring clean water to the communities throughout Ethiopia.

Visit to learn more about how to help lift the burden.

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