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Volunteer Coordination & Scheduling Program

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This Volunteer Coordination & Scheduling Program post is brought to you by  VolunteerSpot and Acorn Influence. All stories and opinions are my own!
Volunteer Coordination

As moms, we wear so many hats, and we thrive on doing as much as we can for everyone around us. Besides taking care of my family, I am most passionate about serving my community. Over the past 15 years I have served as a VBS Leader, send a meal coordinator, church nursery coordinator, team mom, class mom, and countless other opportunities. I feel blessed to have so many opportunities to serve and lead others. I wouldn’t trade any of these experiences for the world, but there were occasions where I wondered what I had gotten myself into.

VolunteerSpot Volunteer Scheduling

As a volunteer coordinator for any event that hardest part is gathering and organizing volunteers. It doesn’t matter if it’s VBS leaders or Classroom Party Donations getting people to volunteer and remember what they volunteered to do can be a BIG job!

That’s why I love VolunteerSpot. I only wish I would have known about this program sooner. VolunteerSpot is perfect for anyone who has to plan events such as baby showers, school parties, 5K runs, you name it, if you need volunteers to help you kick off an event you NEED this app! You can also use this program on the computer (I’m old school, so that’s how I roll).

Besides events, you can use VolunteerSpot to ask for donations for a party, weekly snack donations for a sports team or even plan meals for the soon-to-be mom in your church or book club.

I think my favorite aspect of the site, in general, is that you can create groups, which is perfect for teams, classrooms, and churches. Imagine being the class mom and having all of the parents in a group where you can send out sign-up forms for class parties, field trips, and anything else the teacher may need help with during the year. Thanks to VolunteerSpot, your dreams just became a reality!

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To show you just how quick and easy this program is to use I am including a brief  VolunteerSpot Volunteer Coordination tutorial below:

STEP 1: Head over to VolunteerSpot and set up your account (you can sign up using Facebook)

STEP 2: Scroll over ORGANIZE and select MY SIGN-UPS

VolunteerSpot Tutorial

STEP 3: Click the orange CREATE NEW SIGN-UP button

Volunteer Coordination Organization

STEP 4: Enter all of your event information in the required fields.

Event Planning Volunteers

STEP 5: Select your date(s) on the calendar.

Email and Remind Volunteers

STEP 6: Add spots for recipients to volunteer by choosing the “I Need People To Do” from the drop-down menu. Be sure to include the number of people you need for each job. You can do this multiple times for each spot you need to fill for your event.

Ask For Donations Online

STEP 7: Add spots for recipients to provide donations by choosing the “I Need People To Bring” from the drop down menu. You can be as precise of generic as you would like. When your volunteers sign up, they will be given the option to share what they are donating, which is great for preventing duplicates. Once you have added all the spots you need to fill, click NEXT.

Sending Volunteer Emails and Requests

STEP 8: Choose your Theme.

Email Volunteers RSVP Software

STEP 9: Invite people to volunteer. You can email people from your address book, add a button to your website, and share your link via social media or text messaging.

Volunteer Sign-ups

Once your recipients head over to VolunteerSpot, they will see the sign-up form and will be able to choose how they would like to participate. VolunteerSpot will send email reminders to all volunteers and keep you as the volunteer coordinator up to date with how many volunteers you have.

It honestly doesn’t get any easier than this! The days of planning and organizing our volunteer projects just got a whole lot easier!

How would VolunteerSpot help you?


Sharing is caring!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.