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Cosmetic Bag Must-Haves For A Royal Caribbean Cruise

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~ This Cosmetic Bag Must-Haves For A Royal Caribbean Cruise was sponsored by Royal Caribbean; all opinions are my own. Some of the products shared in this post were also sent to me for review, but as always, I only share what I truly love!

Cosmetic Bag Must Haves For A Cruise

When you think about packing for a cruise, you probably don’t think much about what kind of cosmetics you will take, but you should. Packing a cosmetic bag for a cruise is a tricky thing, because the rooms on a cruise ship are very small, and the bathrooms are even smaller! I took all of this into consideration when packing my cosmetic bags, and I was glad I did! Another thing to know before you go is what you can expect regarding outlets. When I went on my cruise earlier this month with Royal Caribbean, I was excited to see that they offered 3-4 outlets (in my room), which is great because I had a laptop, two phones, a hairdryer, and a flat iron that I wanted to have heating while using my hair dryer. You don’t realize how important electrical outlets are until you don’t have them (my phone stayed dead on this cruise, so it was always on the charger). So anyway, if you’ve never been on a cruise before, I hope you will find this post helpful!

Oh, and just so you know, they do have hair dryers on the cruise ship, but I always carry my own. Mine is pretty powerful.

Cosmetic Bag Must-Have’s For A Royal Caribbean Cruise:

– Shampoo and Conditioner:  This seems like a no-brainer. Clearly, you plan to bring shampoo and conditioner, but make sure you take the best! When you’re on a cruise, it’s hot, humid, and salty. Your hair will thank you for choosing a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. A few weeks before the cruise I received some shampoo, conditioner, and a mask from J.F. Lazartigue and this stuff are amazing. A few days before the cruise I used the moisturizing mask, and then I used the shampoo and conditioner while I was cruising. After being outside in the salty air, having may hair windblown every day, and swimming in the ocean my hair would have been breaking and falling out like crazy if I wouldn’t have taken this with me. So whatever you do, make sure to pack your best moisturizing shampoo and conditioner because you will want your hair to look fabulous on formal night! If you have dry, damaged or colored hair, you should try this moisturizing treatment!

– A First Aid Kit: Royal Caribbean does have first aid kits on board, but how embarrassing would it be to have to find your room attendant to ask for a band-aid after cutting yourself shaving (yes, true story). Thankfully I was prepared, which my roommate also appreciated because she got blisters during her excursion. You don’t have to pack a large kit; I just purchased a .99 J&J kit from Walmart (and used every single band-aid).


– The Beauty Butler: As I explained earlier, you don’t have a ton of bathroom space, so you should try to pack as light as possible. One of my new favorite travel companions is a little product called the Beauty Butler! I have beauty products that I use every single day, and those are the products that I like to keep on my beauty butler. Not only does this product make it easier to find my cosmetics, but it also keeps them secure during travel. Nothing shifted of broke when my luggage was transported from the parking lot to the cruise ship, and I have also flown with it (and we know how rough they are on luggage). I am a very organized person (well, I like to be) and the Beauty Butler helps me keep my cosmetic bags nice and organized.

– Sunblock: Well, this one is a must-have for obvious reasons, but I wear the dunce cap on this one because I forgot mine at home, and got a pretty good sunburn when we ported in Mexico. Thankfully the next day when I was at the pool my friend let me use hers! So whatever you do, please, please don’t forget to pack the sunblock. I’m pretty sure there were people on the ship playing the sunburn game because I heard Clifford the Big Red Dog, Well Done, and Lobster when passing by a few couples… maybe I was paranoid, but I doubt it! 😉


Amazing Mascara: Again, you have to remember that being on a cruise is hot and humid (unless you’re heading to Alaska), if you’re like me, you will be sweating in no time. I new that I would have to have a mascara for this trip that would not end up running down my face when I was laying out in the sun (or you know, if I started crying… I mean I was with 39 other women, so that was a possibility). I had been testing out Lash Control Mascara for a few weeks, and already loved it, but I wasn’t sure if it would hold up to the heat because it had been pretty cold in NC. I love Lash Control because you can squeeze the tube to control the amount of mascara on the brush. It’s also perfect for me because I don’t always wash my eye makeup off at night, and I don’t wake up looking like a raccoon. To be honest, if I’m in a hurry to get the kids to school and don’t wash my face before I go, it looks like eyeliner (I know, I know, but still). Anyway, I took my chances and used Lash Control Mascaraon the cruise, and it was perfect. No smudges, no clumping, and no raccoon eyes!

– BB Cream:  I am a minimalist when it comes to make-up, so on a cruise, my goal is to look polished without looking made-up. I wouldn’t wear foundation on a cruise because of the weather, and I wouldn’t want it clogging my pores, but then again I pretty much always wear BB Cream. I have tried every BB cream on the market, and so far the ALMAY brand is the only one that doesn’t break me out. I like Cover Girl’s BB cream better, but I break out every time I use it. BB cream is nice because many also contain sunblock, so they even have you covered there.

So, there you have it. After taking my first cruise, these are the items that I could not have lived without. I would have mentioned lip balm because I thought I would need it, but I didn’t have an issue with dry lips and mostly used my gloss.

What do you have to have in your cosmetic bag when you travel?

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Kasey Killmeyer

Sunday 4th of September 2016

Thanks for the list but as a beauty consultant I have to say you gotta take that mascara off at night. Google mascara mites you'll see why. Find a Mary Kay consultant and buy the makeup remover it lasts a long time and takes it off in 30 seconds or less. But back to you list great tips!

Julie Wood

Thursday 24th of April 2014

Very good items to have on a Cruise for sure. I like the way you have your makeup organized. It looks great. I also need to bring a smaller amount of hair shampoo and conditioner. And a good sunblock is a must! Thanks for the tips. They are very important to know about when taking a cruise.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.