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When God Makes A Way

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The start of our miracle…

Our first appointment was upon us! January 3, 2013 was such a scary day. I had a million questions and thoughts running through my head. I knew the statistics were low, only 30% success rate on the first try, I knew we both already had things internally “wrong” that they were going to have to work with, and of course if it hadn’t happened yet could they really make it happen? Thankfully with the friendly face at the desk and the quaint feeling of the office my nerves started to ease. I felt even better when I looked around the office and locked eyes with other women all there for the very same reason. Giving and receiving a small smile from each of those women also helped me to remember that I wasn’t the only one.

We were called back to meet with Dr. S. She explained EVERYTHING. I am so thankfully that there were printouts and even drawings by Dr. S herself! It was complete information overload. Once we were given our options and recommendations we were referred to the financial counselor. Nerves were back in overdrive, I mean how much is all this really going to cost? A.G. was able to run all my insurance information and give me not only my procedure cost but my medication cost too. I almost cried right in the office. There in black in white, in what seemed like 72pt font was the final cost. It would take us forever to save that amount in the time-frame we were shooting for.

All I could hear in the silence of the elevator ride down was “tick, tick, tick. Yes the tick of my baby clock minutes passing me by. Once I got past the clock then the calculations started running rampant in my head. We just didn’t know how we would make the $10,000(after insurance) payment. Of course this included the estimated medication and potential copays for resulting visits with Dr. S. After long discussions between my husband and our parents, I made the call to Dr. S and told her we would schedule something as soon as we were close to the savings that were needed. So over the course of the following 9 months taking us to September 2013 we saved and saved and saved some more.

We stepped back and took the baby desire out of focus and made our marriage and W our focus. Late September brought some proposed changes to my options for health insurance through work. I remember sitting in the office reading about the different options and one was screaming at me from the paper, Platinum level= 100% coverage. As I click through the perks to this plan, fertility treatment was among them. I think my heart stopped. I immediately called the 1-800 number to verify what I was reading! This truly, after knowing what my current insurance would cover and what the cash prices were, seemed like a mistake. My trepidation soon turned to sheer joy! After conversations with the insurance company, the medical billing department and the financial adviser at UNC the result was unthinkable!

The plan option that I could select starting coverage for 2014 covered 100% of almost every procedure, every medication and every subsequent visit at not only the specialist but pending a miracle happening my regular OBGYN too! It is here where you will disbelieve that I tell you I’m really not a crier. In fact most things, though they affect me I do not make me cry. Well here I was again on the verge of that emotional roller coaster thinking this was within our grasp. It was finally something tangible. Needless to say I signed up for that plan and called UNC to make my appointment for the first available in 2014.


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This post was written by Krystle Walton a Faithfully Free contributor

Sharing is caring!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.