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What You Need To Know About This Powerful Early Learning Program

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What You Need To Know About This Powerful Early Learning Program is part of a sponsored campaign. I received compensation for my participation, but my review and opinions are my own. 

What You Need To Know About This Powerful Early Learning Program Review

My girls love educational websites. Every day when they finish their homework they ask for computer time. While I am a big fan of educational websites, and I appreciate all they offer my children, I always feel like something is lacking. We have used websites that offer great educational content, but lack in design (yes, this is important to children of this generation). If the site has a beautiful, fun, and colorful design, it usually misses the mark on educational value.

Pickle Wickle Park

Learn With Homer is the first educational website that provides both a style that encourages children to “play”, a design similar to that of app games (unlocking levels), and educational content that I haven’t seen anywhere else. Learn With Homer is a total #WIN!

My youngest daughter Anna just entered Kindergarten this year, and she struggled all summer with reading. I tried to teach her letter sounds, and she was so close to learning to read but for some reason she could not retain the information we worked on each day. After being in school for one full month she is getting better, but I know she still needs a lot of practice at home. That is one of the reasons I jumped on this review. I have been looking for an educational website that would be perfect for her.

Learn With Homer Review

Anna needs a program that breaks everything up into bite-sized pieces of information that are both fun and easy to digest. She also needs repetition and a lot of praises.

Learn To Read Online

I was amazed as I sat watching her play this game. It was like Learn With Homer was designed with my child in mind. As she went through each short lesson/game, she would be praised for choosing the correct word. Each lesson lasts about 1-3 minutes and afterward they can choose to draw or move on to the next level. This is perfect for Anna because it allows her to take breaks. I assumed that after Lesson 1 she would move on to a new letter sound, but she didn’t. Instead, the next level looked different, but it was still focusing on the same letter sound. After Anna had completed the levels for that sound, she was rewarded with a new “learning cap” for her avatar. She LOVED every minute of it.

Drawing Games Online

My daughter is a child that is easily distracted and suffers from OCD. Finding a program that can keep her attention and doesn’t cause her stress is a lifesaver. In one sitting, she managed to complete six lessons, one poem, one rhyme, and one story in the Learn To Read sections of Pickle Wickle Park. She then went on to explore Adventures in History and learned about the White House. I was surprised by how impressed Anna was by the information the site shares about The White House. I have to say, I am extremely impressed.

Want to experience it with her? Watch how she reacts as she plays:

At this time Learn With Homer includes these sections: Learn To Read, Adventures in History, Music, Story Time, and Discover The World.

Online Learning Programs For Kids

I am thrilled to offer you a 50% discount for one full year of Learn With Homer! Just click the link and subscribe to receive your discount. Learn With Homer is $7.95 per month or $79.95 a year (use the link above and pay only $39.98 for an entire year).

What You Need To Know:

Learn with Homer, a groundbreaking early learning program developed by top literacy experts and proven to produce results, is currently available for children ages 3-7 on both the web and iPad. This program was created by education reformer Stephanie Dua, based on the best teaching practices. Many apps claim to teaching reading, but Learn with Homer uses the latest science on how children learn to read and build knowledge. Learn with Homer focuses on the skills that will predict later academic success for your child. It is also the only program for families proven effective by gold-standard research.

Current “reading” apps assume a child has already been taught the basics of reading and really just offer practice drills. Learn with Homer is the first digital product that teaches children how to read without the need for an adult to assist them, making it easier for families to help their kids get ahead and stay ahead. Learn with Homer offers an exceptional array of content for children – more than 1,000 lessons and activities including stories, games, history, science, art and music. Each part of the learning program has a specific purpose and these activities reinforce the lessons with real world context.

Originally launched in 2013, Learn with Homer has engaged more than 1.5 million children worldwide to date. This fall, it is undergoing a complete reboot, with entirely new navigation and the introduction of a new interactive themed world, to help families more easily find the vast amount of learning material.

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Things I Love:

  • Anna loves it!
  • You can track your children’s progress – listen to an audio recording of your child’s voice reading a book– and look at a Pinterest-like board of their drawings.
  • Children do not need to know how to read to use the site. It’s basic functionality is geared towards children who cannot read. The site uses audio commands when the child scrolls over the buttons.
  • There are 1,000’s of lessons for the girls to work on and they are very engaging and enjoyable for all of us.


NOTE: Learn with Homer is available for free 30-day trial from or on the App Store on iPad

You can learn more about Learn with Homer on their social media channels!





Sharing is caring!

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