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Week One Tummy Tuck Recovery {With Pictures}

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This week one tummy tuck recovery was an old post that I thought was lost forever. Thankfully I found it today and decided to add it back to the blog to go with all of the other plastic surgery posts.

Week One Tummy Tuck Recovery Photo

I wanted to share my week one tummy tuck experience with you because I know you are dying to see some pictures.

Week One Tummy Tuck Recovery:

Week one was not what I expected at all. I figured I would be in extreme pain, and that I wouldn’t be moving around much, but that wasn’t the case.

The pain was minimal (after the first day) and was moving around every day. I did laundry, cooked, and even drove on day 4 (though I don’t recommend doing that).

What caught me a little off guard was the emotional “funk” I experienced. I didn’t know what to expect after the surgery, and when I removed my bandage, what I saw scared and discouraged me.

The upper half of my stomach looked much better, but the lower half looked worse. It was swollen, shiny, red, and of course, the incision looks hideous.

I knew there would be a scar, but the swelling is what shocked me. Searching online was fruitless. I wasn’t sure if it was normal because I couldn’t find any pictures that looked like mine. I called  Dr. Davis to make sure everything I was experiencing was normal, and he agreed that it was.

I felt depressed for the first week. It could have been the medication or the fear of the unknown. Nothing major I just felt foggy all the time and kind of sad. I’m sure this kind of fear and remorse is typical after a surgery of this magnitude.

After 48 hours I was able to remove the bandage and shower, which felt amazing! My abs were still numb so I didn’t feel any pain, but the incision was sore.

Tummy Tuck Week One: Pain

The incision is where I felt the majority of the pain all week. It bled once when I was trying to get off the couch (by myself). I’m sure that wouldn’t have happened if I would have had someone to help me.

The only time I felt pain when I would move in a way that bothered the incision.

Oddly enough, it was only on the right side.

Another thing that may have contributed to that pain was the way I took my pain medication. I didn’t realize that I should have been taking both the pain pills and the anti-nausea meds. The anti-nausea medication would have helped me sleep. I think I would have had an even better experience if I would have followed the medication instructions more carefully.

TIP: One thing I found helpful during the first week was standing as straight as possible. Using the wall I’d stand with my back to it, trying to straighten up as much as I could. I did this every time I got up. It helped a lot with my back pain. Your back gets stressed doing the work your abs usually do.

Please reach out with any questions you have. I’d love to help you if I can.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.