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Walton Family Mottos

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Many families have mottos even if they don’t realize it. Maybe they are intentional and maybe they are ingrained and passed down from generation to generation. I think our Walton Family Mottos are a good mix of both.

Our family mottos come from both my husband and me, and I trust that over time my children will develop some mottos of their own that I will get to see them share with our grandchildren.

Here are a few mottos my husband is passing down to our children: 

Busy Hands Get Things Done

Busy hands get things done. Still hands awaken the mind.

You're Never To Young To Learn The Value Of Hard Work

You’re never too young to learn the value of hard work.

There is no point in worrying about something until you’ve got something concrete to worry about.

These are a few of the family mottos I am trying to pass down to my children: 

Everything in this life happens for a reason

Everything in this life happens for a reason. There is not one single shout for joy or a single tear drop that didn’t first pass through our loving Father’s hand, and we can trust that every moment serves a purpose for our good and His glory.


Circumstances don’t determine outcomes, choices do. Some of the most amazing, brilliant, and powerful people in the world came from the worst circumstances imaginable.

Love and forgiveness go hand in hand. You can’t have one without the other, and regardless of what anyone else may think they aren’t feelings, they are choices.

I know we aren’t the only family with mottos and by watching Bringing Up Bates, you can learn a little about their family mottos.

Bringing Up Bates

Just take a look at a few of these Bringing Up Bates quotes:

“Popsicles and Band-Aids are the universal fix for any problem.” – Gil Bates

Hmm… well I think that worked when my kids were little, but that just doesn’t seem to work that well anymore! I miss those days don’t you? I miss the days when I could totally control my kid’s schedules, and I could keep them safe. I miss being able to make them happy with little things like Band-Aids and ice pops. Don’t wish away those younger years. You will miss them!

Let’s see what else the Bates fam lives by.

“If you don’t have big dreams, you’ll never go anywhere in life.” – Tori

Yes! I can totally stand behind this one! That’s exactly why I am encouraging my kids to start discovering who they want to be now. They have dreams now, and I don’t ever want them to lose sight of those so why wait?

“I don’t know what’s in the future, but I know Who holds the future… and I’m looking forward to what
He’s going to deliver.” – Gil

Another HUGE yes for obvious reasons.

I think many of us probably share similar family mottos, but I would love to hear about yours! If you’d like to learn more about the Bates family and their family mottos you can check out Bringing Up Bates on the UP network.

The UP Network is centered around bringing adults positive, uplifting entertainment. June 2nd at 9 PM ET Bringing Up Bates is returning for it’s 4th season. If you haven’t been following the lives of Gil and Kelly Jo Bates, you probably don’t know that they are the parents of 19 children, and I believe three grandchildren (it may be more now). This season should be pretty interesting as the family dynamic continues to change.

I enjoy watching the Bates parents raise their children because I feel like we can learn so much from watching how other people parent. We all have different styles, and sometimes I see them do something or say something to one of their kids, and I’m just like “Oh man, I’m totally stealing that!”.

From new loves to new careers and new babies, the Bates are experiencing both the highs and lows of life. Tune in to meet the whole family! If you are unsure what channel UP is for your area, click here.

Don’t forget to tune in every Thursday evening starting June 2nd to watch Bringing Up Bates. You can also keep up with the show on Instagram,  Facebookand Twitter


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This post is brought to you by UP, and as usual, all thoughts, family mottos, and opinions are my own!

Sharing is caring!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.